10 Best Toys that Start with H, to Buy in 2019 for your Kids

10 Best Toys that Start with H to buy this year for your kids

When we talk about toys, the first thing that comes into our mind is those precious childhood memories. Kids these days are lucky enough to get toys that we didn’t even dream of. Now, kids can select toys that start with letter H, alphabetically based on the alphabet they choose.

Toys are not a waste; it is educational and improves the cognitive part of a child’s brain. We have the option to choose a suitable toy for our children, why not take a few minutes to do proper research before buying them something that suits their taste.

Today, we will discuss a few of those toys that are defined as best by consumers.


A surprise is what kids like the most and when it comes to toys, something like Hatchanimals Surprise is a unique and extraordinary toy to gift our kids.

The egg that we buy will have two hatchlings and the children would need to find what color characteristics they have. Isn’t it exciting for our kids?

Our kids learn the responsibility of taking care of an egg and hatchlings later on. It will be a valuable lesson for them while we enjoy watching them play with it. The twin hatchlings have different personalities and talents. Our kids will have to explore them.

There are options to record a voice message and repeat them. One of the hatchlings has moving head and wings while the other sings. Every playset has unique surprises for both the kids and ourselves. This also teaches love and affection to our young ones which is certainly scarce in this virtual world.

Recorded messages can be played back while some built-in messages like ‘I love you’, jokes and more is a bonus in this unique product.

What we like About It?

What’s not to like about it? There are a lot of surprises from the day you get this toy. The egg hatching, record – replay option and hidden surprises with accessories are certainly what makes it all the more worth every cent. Lift one of the hatchlings to hear a recorded message and if you drop them down, their voice goes more and deeper.


Imagine growing a dinosaur from birth; now make that dream come true for your children. Ysabeloom has come up with this unique product which we could all agree that it is one of the best toys that start with h.

We have to hatch the dinosaur eggs by placing them in water for 12 to 24 hours.

The toy will encourage them to explore their imaginary thoughts and have fun playtime.

Once it hatches, leave them be for some more time so that the dinosaur baby will grow 3 to 5 times. It helps every kid understand the concept of patience. The egg toy is education and our children will love watching the egg hatch into a baby dinosaur over time. The material used in the manufacture of this toy is EVA which is safe to use and it is environment-friendly.

The manufacturer has offered a full money back guarantee in case of a faulty product which is an assurance about its quality.

What we like About It?

Teaching a valuable lesson about responsibility to our children by using this toy is certainly enjoyable and worth the time and money spent on it. The 12 pieces of magical transformation are certainly liked by every kid. The eggs come in different colors so children will be attracted to it very easily.

COOP Hydro Volleyball, Colors May Vary

Volleyball is not a toy however; COOP doesn’t agree with this statement. The reason being, Hydro Volleyball comes with vibrant colors which are waterproof and sturdy.

The outer cover is waterproof and made of a soft material, so kids will not be injured while playing with it. The ball has excellent air bladder which lets it float in water for easy retrieval.

The exciting part about this toy would be the color since it varies in between blue, red, green and yellow. Due to its sturdy stitching and waterproof material, this is suitable for pools or even beaches. Actual size volleyball with a wet suit which is sting free and air retention bladder keeps the ball afloat.

What we like About It?

The sting-free gameplay is safe for kids and it is specified for kids above the age of 5. Both the pool and beach toy is another excellent advantage since the air retention bladder helps maintain its performance consistently. The recreational design in different colors is an attraction for kids.

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible

Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible is certainly one of the best toys that start with an H.

Shopkins has provided various reasons for their product to make it to the top of the list. Who doesn’t like a car? Especially the one with rainbow colors and many accessories.

This product comes with an adorable convertible, shoppies, furniture faces, and a few collectibles. The accessories include a picnic basket, spare tires, purse and more. It also fits two smaller shops if you are planning to buy more accessories for the child to play with.

The doll beach house can be completely built with camper and furniture which is included in the welcome packs. This set has a total of 9 pieces of picnic accessories, a convertible and shoppie rainbow Kate. 

What we like About It?

The convertible is cute and perfect for Rainbow Kate. Beachside roleplay has certainly enjoyed all kids and the accessories included will only add to the fun. Our kids can also try to collect the entire beach house set from Shopkins if they are interested in.

Schylling Home Run Pinball Toy

Home Run only brings one thing into our mind, Baseball. Schylling has come up with various designs for the orthodox yet exciting pinball toy and made it safe for kids to use.

The endless hours of fun with this toy has made it earn the spot in one of the best child toys that start with H.

The ballpark diamond design is a huge hit among baseball fans and kids do like to watch this game often. This pinball toy helps them understand the classic pinball game b landing the metal ball in the half moon traps. This toy is for kids above the age of 3 since they are safe to use and literally harmless.

What we like About It?

The design for this pinball toy varies, baseball, Curious George, the space race and more. The endless joy of trying to beat their own best score is an excellent feeling. This brings out the competitive nature in every kid.

HAPTIME 7.6 Cool Mini Motorhome Toy

Every kid will have different taste when it comes to their playthings, Haptime has introduced this unique camper or recreational vehicle.

It has more features and options that we think and these features are the very reason to make to the top of the toys that start with a letter H list.

This van model has furniture inside the car which can be rearranged. It helps our kids learn and understand motor skills while they have fun. The roof and side of the car can be removed with pull back-rear wheel feature.

We prioritize the safety of our children, the zinc-alloy and plastic materials used to manufacture are safe and non-toxic. This item can also be a collectible or a gift and an excellent decorative item. 

What we like About It?

This RV from Haptime is educational and encourages the kids of outdoor exploration. Furthermore, the motor skills our children will improve while they have fun with this toy. Rearranging furniture is always fun for children and they learn to conserve space from a young age.

Hasbro Clue Board Game - The Classic Mystery

Mysteries are never forgotten once solved. So, Hasbro has introduced a classic mystery board game to solve a murder mystery.

It used to be one of the best weekend plans to solve a murder mystery when we were kids.

The same applies to kids of this generation as well. It is a 6-player accommodated game with a gameboard, 6 tokens, 30 cards out of which 6 are character cards for each player or suspects, 6 miniature weapons, 6 weapon cards, 9 clue cards, 9 room cards, a case file envelope, a pad of notebook sheets, game guide and 2 dice to roll.

The suspense and clues are the only two ways to find out who is the killer. The game guide helps with rules to follow. This game suitable for children above the age of 8 with a minimum of 2 to maximum 6 players at a time can be played. 

What we like About It?

This game is purely educative and helps improve the problem-solving capabilities in dire situations. The fun of finding the killer and upholding justice is an added bonus and moral of the game. We should be aware that problem-solving is a major requirement growing up and Hasbro has an excellent job with this game.

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Hulk

Hulk, the name brings fear into the hearts of the people in the Avengers world. Marvel has come up with this hero series Hulk figurine and it is certainly one of the best toys that start with the letter h.

A feet tall figurine is a fine piece of art since it has features like 5-point articulation, titan-sized figurine battles and more.

Marvel has a lot of characters out of which Hulk is the uncontrollable one. Kids these days enjoy Marvel movies since they are straight out of the comic books. Our kids could be inspired to find a career path just by taking an interest in any of these Marvel characters.

The gamma exposed monster is the Hulk, kids may show an interest in the field of science.

What we like About It?

Hulk is certainly the wild horse due to this explosive nature. Kids do like to roleplay and Hulk is an excellent option for any kid. The 5-point articulation is an added bonus for kids to simulate figurine battles.

Jada Toys Hello Kitty Play Set

Hello Kitty became famous like a forest fire in almost every sector. From just a mobile app to an excellent buddy to our kids, Hello Kitty from Jada Toys is selling like hot cake.

This set of toys has hello kitty in flight attendant uniform along with her friends Fifi and Jodie.

The airplane opens up to reveal the playset inside. This toy set comes with 20 accessory pieces and all of these figurines and accessories can be stored inside the plan when not being played. Accessories will play different roles to ensure that the toy set doesn’t get boring.

A lot of accessories to try out and hence lots of time required to do so. All Hello kitty n her friend figurines are around 2 inches tall which fits fine inside the plane. 

What we like About It?

The accessories list is one of the major highlights of this product. A suitcase to a boarding pass, passports, and many more accessories are the reason for fun and makes an interactive story.

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Blister the Velociraptor-Special Edition

VTech has come up with this 2 in 1 limited edition product called Blister the Velociraptor. This toy is a dinosaur and a helicopter with switch options following a few steps carefully.

The cockpit of the helicopter has an LCD screen which displays a man when in helicopter mode and dinosaur eyes when in dinosaur mode.

This is certainly a job well done by VTech. The speaker, when activated in dino mode, reveals exciting facts while helicopter mode launches a rocket. Both of the types have different features, making it one of the best toys that a kid could ask for.

What we like About It?

It is a 2 toy and we are paying for only one. Features like LCD display change based on the mode of the toy and facts about dinosaur along with realistic sound effects is a huge selling point that we consumers like. The propeller spins and makes appropriate sounds which make us, being adults excited. Imagine how our kids would feel.


Toys help us grow, make a path for our future. We might or might not realize its importance in our childhood but it has certainly impacted our lives in ways we don’t know till date. Let our children enjoy these toys while they learn to lead an honest life from a young age.

This is the list of the best toys that start with h, please feel free to check for more consumer reviews and you will know which is best suited for your child.