10 Best Toys that start with G: Top Choices Reviewed 2019

10 Best Toys that start with G Top Choices Reviewed 2019

We all wonder and sometimes are jealous of the wide range of toys available in the market. Kids these days can choose toys based on alphabetic order and so we got the idea of reviewing products based on the same criteria.

Be it an educational toy or a fun one, we know that our kids deserve the best and we intend to provide them with the best. Today, we will discuss those toys that start with g.

There are toys for all age groups from infants to teenagers; we just need to choose the right one for them. Before we proceed with the reviews of these toys that start with letter g, you certainly know what your kid or teenager likes and dislikes. Based on that criteria, choose the one that they are interested to play with.

Glow Rings LED Party Favors

The36 pack multicolor toy from Party sticks comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The jelly finish LED lights, finger lights, rock-shaped lights and more will be a huge attraction in any occasion.

These glow in the party lights can be used for parties the entire night or save them after a limited use for another party in the near future.

The toy rings provide the exact feel of jelly since you could squish and stretch them. This toy is not only limited to children but, people of all ages can enjoy it. The wide color range is added bonus since everyone will not like the same color.

The on/off option in the LED can be used to save power. Each of these LED lights comes with a 3-color option that blinks. It is safe for children above the age of 3 and non-toxic. The in-built batteries last longer with the sized to fit option.

What we like About It?

First and foremost is the safety of our children. This excellent product from PartySticks is non-toxic and safe to use for children above the age of 3. The second thing that we like about these glow sticks would be the variety of colors to choose from which are sized to fit anyone (this includes adults as well). Third would be the long shelf life of LED with inbuilt battery.

Aurora World Garfield Floppy

We all grew up watching the lazy, fat cat Garfield and children to this date are enjoying the cartoons about Garfield.

Aurora has released this excellent product as a toy for children of all ages. Who doesn’t like a toy that is squishy and can be snuggled all the time!

The fat, lazy cat who hated Monday was like all of us who are not willing to go to school, college or even work on every Monday morning. This fluffy toy is little over a foot in height. The polyester material used is quite comfortable with the surface washable feature.

The attention to detail is quite an achievement since the lazy eyes and that grin of actual the cartoon character has been retained.

All those Garfield lovers, this is one of a kind collectible which is bean filled. So, anyone can play with this toy irrespective of age.

What we like About It?

One of the main reasons to like this toy would be the attention to detail. The don’t care look of Garfield with that endearing grin is adorable and kids will certainly love an animal-based toy comparatively.

Fire Brigade

This humongous product from Dickie Toys is quite an attraction for children who like automobile toys. The 2 feet fire truck with the button system lights, pump water action and sirens is certainly a fun way to learn about fire brigade.

It also helps kids understand the traffic rules to follow when a fire brigade is passing by during the times of emergency.

There are accessories like a 9-inch traffic light with various road signs. With 2 double A batteries included in the product, this is fun right after unpacking for your kids. This toy is exclusive for children above 3 years since the smaller parts can cause choking in infants. A fair warning is also being displayed on the packaged box for parents like us to be careful. To prevent a choking hazard, ensure that your child is above 3 years to use this toy.

What we like About It?

Firstly, the traffic signs and traffic lights teach a sense of responsibility during a fire emergency. Secondly, the fire brigades are cool in a kid’s eye and giving them this toy would certainly be helpful to make them understand the need to make way for fire brigades from a young age.

Sprogs Set of 4 Felt Storyboard

Stories were the most exciting part of our childhood whether it was real or mythical. Similarly, our kids should experience various stories to expand their perspectives from a young age. Sprogs will certainly assist us in achieving this task with their storyboard which can be felt.

The various pieces are interchangeable which can be used by the children to make their own stories. This helps improves the child’s creativity and innovation. The storage bag helps with keeping these pieces in one place when not in use. Due to the chances of pieces being ingested, this toy is for children above the age of 3.

These felt storyboards are not restricted by schools either. So, your kids can certainly play this toy at home or even at schools. An educative toy with lots of benefits for a growing child, we thank Sprogs for the same.

What we like About It?

Since this toy is allowed in schools due to its educative nature, they will enjoy while learning. Another bonus would be the plastic bag, this avoids loss of pieces over time. The famous stories like 3 little pigs, gingerbread man, red riding hood and more can be enjoyed by kids.

Goplus Classical Kids Piano

One of the toys that starts with a G is Goplus classical kids piano from Goplus. This so-called grand piano is an actual piano downsized to fit comfortably in any children’s room.

This miniature piano has keys with proper width for finger placement between toddlers to kids up to 7 years of age.

The elegant design is a worthy gift for a growing child which can pique their interest in music. We are responsible to expose our children to all types of hobbies before they intend to stick to one. Safety is the main priority here; the model is designed with curvy sides and safety hinged lid open/close type.

The coated paint is environment-friendly, non-toxic and doesn’t harm children in any way. So, we need not be concerned about allergies.

What we like About It?

The bonus accessories like the hardwood bench a music holder will certainly make us, adults jealous of this marvelous product. Imagine our kids trying to play some keys on this piano sitting on that cute hardwood stool? It is certainly something that we all would like to literally see.

Trend Lab Children's Plush Giraffe Character Chair

This 5-pound product from Trend Lab is quite an attraction for children these days. This Giraffe chair is certainly one of the best kids toys that start with the letter g.

This toy is safe for children who are just over a year since it is just a chair. The plush or fur used for the cover is non-toxic and harmless to children.

The only advice from the manufacturer that we need to be aware of would be the sitting position of the child. They have to sit on the giraffe chair unassisted with their feet firmly touching the ground. The contoured support helps the kid for a better sitting position. With that being said, this product is selling like hot cake and we would better fetch one soon.

What we like About It?

Why not? This product is cute and your child will certainly like to play with the giraffe’s head and horns while seated. It is the best cuddling and snuggling companion for your child. With safety concerns, the fur used is non-toxic and harmless to children.

Goldilocks And The Three Bears Puppet Set

It is rare to see puppet shows these days due to the entertainment industry taking the virtual route. However, puppets are certainly enjoyable as we know how exciting those were.

It is always good to teach our children about the same. This task is achieved with the help of Goldilocks and her 3 bears puppet set from Fiesta Crafts.

The hand puppet of Goldilocks is soft and comfortable to use while the 3 finger puppet bears are adorable. Every daughter loves to become a princess, this is one of the best kids toys that start with the letter g. The 3-bear puppet set is daddy bear, mummy bear, and baby bear set. This set is a suitable gift or toy for children between the age of 3 to 9.

What we like About It?

Puppets and puppet shows are no longer famous and kids these days tend to stick to their electronic devices. From a young age, we need to make sure that our children don’t become like us glued to our phones or smart devices.

Puppets are the best way to grab their attention which helps improve their mental growth in creativity and innovation.

Golf Set

The athletic child from a young age will stick to one sport and it could be golf too, we clearly say this after looking at the Golf Toy set from Sports Games.

This is a complete golf putting machine. It supports practicing short putts, small drives, backswing and more for both indoor and outdoor fun.

The detailed accessories for golf would be the golf head for a different type of shots like putter, iron, and driver. This set includes all three of them. The automated foot operated placement accessory can hold up to 15 golf balls.

Considering the storage options for golf balls, the placement accessory has enough space to store them below the unit in an organized manner. This is one of a kind toys which can be fun both indoor and outdoor.

What we like About It?

A golf sports lover would certainly like this set. However, for a kid to like this set is quite something. Sports Games has considered that point and made this toy. A kid can certainly play golf or even compete with others using this toy. Isn’t that exciting?


We all remember Goofy and now our kids are enjoying this funny toon show. How about we bring a surprise Goofy from Disney as a gift to our kids?

The Goofy is almost a foot and half tall which can be collectible or an excellent playmate for infants and kids. This so-called Goofy toy can be your kid’s best plush pal growing up.

The adorable design is certainly flawless from Disney since the output plush is an exact copy of the character that we all love. This almost 2 feet tall plush toy is the best partner our child could ask for. The faux fur tuft is non-toxic so, kids can use this toy without the fear of allergies and such.

What we like About It?

This is the best toys that start with letter g for Goofy. The detailed embroidery from the manufacturer brings out the character in real life. It is a kid’s dream to own such a funny and witty character like Goofy. We saw Garfield earlier and now it is the funny Goofy. This is certainly likable by all due to its cute and adorable design.


Collectible Wildlife Gifts has come up with a unique toy which is educational and also quite naughty. Educational being that the toy is a 7-inch-long grasshopper, kids will learn all about it. 

Naughty being the use of this toy, it can be used as prank or gag or party decoration. The toy looks quite real. Kids will show interest in wildlife when exposed to such toys.

This also improves their feeling towards the speechless creatures. Bugs are always hated by the young generation. However, being introduced to one of the bug species like a grasshopper helps them understand better. And, kids can always use them to scare other kids.

What we like About It?

It is fun, informative and party decoration. It can certainly be gifted to those kids who love being around animals. It is not necessarily like or dislike but still a great decoration toy for any home. The green body color with the black antlers and eye makes it all the more real.

Wrap Up

Toys were less or even rare when we grew up however, we are discussing toys that start with g – an alphabetic criterion to find toys. The world has changed quite a lot and we should certainly adjust to the change to be synchronized with the society. Toys play a major role in a child’s growth and we should be able to provide minimal toys for our kids.

The products that we discussed are some of the best ones and all being with letter g. Keep in that mind that your kids’ happiness is certainly worth every cent, ensure that you buy the right one that suits their taste! Happy shopping!