10 Best Toys that start with E to Buy in 2019 for Kids

10 Best Toys that start with E to Buy in 2019 for Kids

Parents looking to gift some productive presents to their children have plenty of options in the market. There is a myriad of toys that have educative and learning features making playing a fun learning experience for your children.

Be it, toddlers or teenagers, you will find an ample variety of toys that promises a joyful playing experience to them. Not only will they play, but they will learn different things without any conscious effort.

Let us see some of the educative toys that start with E.

Flow N Fill Spout Baby Bath Toy by Yookidoo

Etch A Sketch is one of the best toys that start with E and has been entertaining children for a long time. It has befriended many generations of kids and given them wonderful playing time. It consists of a simple drawing board which helps children in developing their creativity, spatial intelligence, imagination, and psychomotor skills.

Your children will be introduced to sketching in a new manner and create their own cute masterpieces. The board is light in weight and so your children can take it along anywhere and everywhere to have a fun time.

The beautiful red frame, white knobs, and a classic magic screen will attract your children like anything that they would not be able to keep their hands off it. They can slide the screen to erase and make a perfect piece of art. Kids can doodle day in day out on this amazing drawing board and enjoy the experience of magical drawing.

What we like About It?

Etch A Sketch is one of the best things that start with E preschool and offers an opportunity for your children to unleash their creativity. The board is a light and colorful drawing board and your children can easily carry it from place to place. It is colorful and attractive for younger children.


Who does not love Elmo from Sesame Street? All the kids have loved and adored this friendly character and makeup as one the great toys that start with E. If you want to give some little furry creature to children that they can hug while you put them to sleep, Elmo is the best choice.

The bright red color of Elmo makes it very attractive for children. This beautiful red fellow has been the best friend of hundreds of children all over the world. This small toy is perfect for children between 2 to 5 years and can be carried along everywhere. It is made of 100% polyester fiber and it is easily washable.

So, if you worry about the dirty surface of Elmo, you can wash it with ease. It has beautiful, wide eyes, soft texture and a fluffy coat which makes it one of the perfect things that start with E preschool.

What we like About It?

Elmo of Sesame Street is a soft, smiling, and bright toy and perfect for children between 2 to 5 years. Elmo is easily washable and so your children can play with a healthy toy in their hand. It is bright red in color with a wide mouth is one of those things that start with E preschool and will surely attract your little ones.


If Christmas is around the corner and you want to gift a simple Christmas present to your children, then Elf on the Shelf is one of the perfect toys that start with E. Teach your kids the story of elf and the importance of doing deeds, with this beautiful elf on the shelf toy. It is a great combination of a boy scout Christmas elf and a storybook for children.

Your children will enjoy hours and hours of fun by reading the fun collection of the Elf on the Shelf storybook. The toy has been designed with a thoughtful purpose whereby you can tell your children that Santa will visit them only if they have been nice.

The elf will be a messenger of Santa and convey to him whether your kid has been naughty or nice. You can hide the Elf on the Shelf and ask your children to find him when they wake up in the morning.

What we like About It?

With Elf on the Shelf, you can convince your children to believe in being good. Depending on whether they are nice or naughty, Santa will reward them gifts or coal this Christmas. It contains a storybook for children to learn about the Elf.


If your children have a fascination for Geography and if different cultures and countries are something that excites them, then you would probably think of buying a globe? But what if we tell you that there is something whereby your children can actually build a globe themselves and learn about Geography in an altogether different fashion.

Ravensburger’s The Earth Puzzeball is a 540-piece jigsaw puzzle using which you can create a rendition of Earth and makes it a wonderful learning experience for your children. The pieces can be easily assembled to make a solid and smooth ball of earth and there is no need for glue.

Each puzzle piece is printed with a number and arrows of its inside to help children in construction.

What we like About It?

The puzzle allows your children to create a 3-D rendition of Earth. One of the best toys that start with E, this earth offers an easy and playful learning activity for children and make them learn about world Geography.

It comes with a plastic base stand and metal rotation stand to move the globe with ease. A reference guide is also provided to complete your map.


If you want your kids to have a playing time that involves physical exercise, then EzyRoller offers exactly that. This is an easy and fun ride by EzyRoller where your kids will steer it through their feet. It is a combination of black and blue color and looks attractive.

Perfect for children above 4 years, EzyRoller promises a fun outdoor playing time. Kids can move using their left leg movements and push the foot bar. As one of the great toys that start with E, EzyRoller encourages children to go on long rides with their friends and at the same, they will indulge in physical exercise without even realizing.

It offers a smooth and comfortable riding to children through its seat that prevents strain and pressure on their back. It has an extendable foot bar with two steel extensions that can be adjusted according to the growth of your child.

What we like About It?

It is a sturdy and attractive ride for children. It is very light in weight and weighs 12.8 pounds. All the extensions are provided along with handle grips. There are no pedals and your child can ride with easy alternate leg movements.


The Hoberman Mini Sphere is also called as Buckly Ball which works as one of the wonderful fidget toys that start with E. It is a colorful 5.5. inch diameter ball made of different sticks. When you pick it up, it will expand into 12-inch diameter globe and when you touch it will go back to its original size.

The storage shelves and two large fabric bins are also provided to store your paraphernalia in an organized manner. 

You can perform the expansion and collapsing action with an easy motion of the ball. You can use the Hoberman Sphere for helping children with special needs to understand the biological concept of breathing and expanding of chest cavity for relaxation. It can also be used as a sensory toy for people with Autism and SPD.


The ball is made of plastic with a rainbow color style. With its innovative and educational value, it serves a great toy and promises a fun learning activity for children. The ball is one of the great toys that start with E for show and tell.

What we like About It?

Hoberman Mini Sphere turns into a big ball of magic. It is an education piece of toy whereby children can learn about breathing and changes in the chest cavity. It is perfect for children above four years.


If an education gift is on your mind, then Rock and Crystal Excavation Dig Kit by Geocentral can be your choice. If your kid has an inclination towards digging mud in your garden or you see him excavating the walls in your home, you might as well give him GeoCentral Rock and Crystal Kit.

This excavation kit will allow your child to experience the joy of mining and learn about the five authentic crystals and rock inside the kit. The kit contains a chisel and brush as well. Your kids can excavate the five genuine rocks and crystals using the chisel which embedded in the blocks of gypsum and plaster.

Once they have dug out the rocks, they can learn about them with the help of rock pictures made on the box spines. Children can start curtain their very own collection of gems.

What we like About It?

It is a simple and creative toy that guarantees a fun indoor activity. Appropriate for children above 5 years, this excavation kit will help your children learn about rocks and crystals. The kit contains the tools needed for digging. It is an easy, educative, and fun toy for children who want to enjoy indoor games.


It is one of the best toys that start with E for show and tell. If you want to introduce your toddlers to educative toys, then Hide N’ Tweet Eggs by Kangaroo should be the first one.

These are not the eggs that you enjoy as a delicious breakfast but these are toy eggs.

The eggs are not from this planet but can be made to understand different shapes to your kids. These toys are perfect for teaching toddlers about the shapes using the chirping squeaking eggs. You can make six different combinations and make your children hear chicklets chirp.

You do not need batteries and simply press their heads and sort them in their cartons. These are great toys for children with Autism and serve as a great educational toy for preschool.

What we like About It?

It is a simple toy that provides educative value to your children. You just have to crack open the eggs to take out the chicklets. You can buy the eggs for babies and toddlers to make them learn about shapes by putting the eggshell into its individual carton.

It is a perfect baby educational toy for children between 6-9 months. The eggs are a great source of entertainment too.


Make your child help Elandra, the beautiful Queen dragon. This is a 15-inch long and 3-inch tall dragon who is shackled in a two-story castle full of dungeons and caves.

The two heroes, Emily and Azari figures will need your child’s help to rescue the Queen.

Your children would love to build the two-storey castle tower and free Queen Dragon from the Elf Witch’s minion. The toy also contains Dusti the evil fox and mouse models. Perfect for both boys and girls between 9 to 12 years.

What we like About It?

It contains 833 pieces which are to be assembled to free the Queen Dragon. It is a simple and fun toy.


If your child loves spending time loosening nuts and bolts, then you know there is a budding their mechanical skills, then Build-Your-Own Engine playset is perfect for them.

The engine can be assembled and dissembled easily.

It also comes with sounds, lights, and moving pistons. You can use a screwdriver to remove it and find the engine structure.

What we like About It?

The toy is easy to use and comes with an attractive design making it a fun playing experience for the kids.


We have listed some of the best toys that start with E available in the market. You can pick any one of them and give it to your children without any second thoughts. All of these toys will impart a great learning experience to the kids.

You can choose these toys that start with E for show and tell according to the age of your child and provide him the best playing experience.