10 Best Toys that Start with C to Buy for your Child

10 Best Toys that Start with C to Buy for your Child

Your child’s birthday is around the corner and you are not able to decide the gift for him or her? There are plenty of crazy options in the market today. If you want to give a gift, then why not give something that has both educational and playful value?

The market is flooded with some amazing toys which not only guarantee a fun playtime to children but also enriches their playing with learning. Your children will get to learn hundreds of things without even realizing that they are being taught.

Let us see the ten best learning cum playing toys that start with C available in the market that will make up as a perfect birthday present for your child.


These colorful crayons are the best gift you could give to that budding artist at your home. If your child loves to spend time drawing and coloring every piece of paper found in the house, then Crayola’s crayon collection will be the perfect gift for your kid.

The collection has 152 classic crayons that can be stored in a durable storage Caddy. These crayons include beautiful glitter and metallic colors and will bring life to the creations of your child. The crayons are easily portable so that your children can sit and color anywhere and anytime.


Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection encompasses a vibrant horde of crayons. Your child will learn to keep the crayons in their cups and also learn to keep their things systematically.


  • 152 crayons in the set.
  • Children will learn to keep their colors organized.
  • Double wrapped and durable.
  • Encourages creativity and Art.
  • Sparkling and metallic crayons.
  • Colouring books and art projects supplied.
  • Safe and Non-toxic crayons.


  • The Caddy may become delicate with the passage of time.

What we like About It?

The crayons include different colors that your child will need to paint his imagination. Your kid will learn to identify various colors and would also be encouraged to give wings the artist in them.


This is one of the best and most comprehensive sidewalk art set in the market. The set includes 30 pieces of chalk, 3 chalk holders, and 5 stencil designs.

So, your kids can enjoy long hours of drawing and coloring anytime and anywhere.

Unleashing imagination is very important for kids for their brain development and they might discover their passion during their play time. The sidewalk art chalk is completely safe for your children because they are made of the finest materials.


The set contains almost everything that your child needs when he or she is drawing. The set includes colorful chalks and stencils that can come handy for making amazing objects and unravel their creativity. The set helps children to develop their artistic flair with its amazing paraphernalia.


  • Complete sidewalk art set.
  • Creative and educational toy.
  • Premium Quality of the materials.
  • Safe and harmless for kids.


  • Crayon holders may break when subjected to rough activities.

What we like About It?

The toy is a super cool and cute gift that encourages creativity in young minds which is integral in their development. The set is very easy to clean and also has a reusable bucket toy container.


This is a super cool Mercedes Benz Car for kids aged 2-6-year-old. The car has a very snazzy exterior and design and also includes flashy headlights, tail lights, and fog lights that will capture the attention of your child.

It’s realistic engine sounds, horn, and seat belt will keep your kids riveted to this car and he will spend making grooves here and there at your home. Another amazing feature of this car is the high performance of the two-speed motors that impart 3-6 mph velocity to the car.

It also has a built-in MP3 player where you can file from your SD card or USB flash drive. Realistic doors and windows, electric brake system, Rubber traction band wheels are its other attractions.


It’s realistic horn and music grabs the attention kids easily. It is suitable for boys or girls aged 3-6 years and helps them identify different sounds and lights.


  • Single Rider Car.
  • Parental Remote control.
  • Realistic lights and sounds.
  • Smart battery charging technology.
  • High Performance.
  • Fun entertainment toy for kids.


  • There is no aux plug in for the car.

What we like About It?

The realistic sounds and lights attract children like anything. It has 2.4 GHz parental remote control so that parents can drive and play safely when younger kids are around.


Learning couldn’t get easier with these to learn cum play cookies. Want to teach your toddlers while engaging in fun and frolic, then these smart counting cookies are the perfect toy. These are 13 plastic cookie pieces with which children play and at the same time learn to recognize numbers, and count.

This toy has an amazing drill to teach children numbers and counting. The cookies have raised chocolate chips which can be counted to determine the number printed on the cookies.

The set has a plastic jar which holds 11 cookies with numbers written on the bottom and an equal number of chips made on the top as the number. 


It is perfect for babies above 2 years. Kids can develop their motor skills as they have touched the chips and count them to determine the corresponding number printed on the bottom.


  • Children learn counting and numbers.
  • Develop motor skills.
  • Fit perfectly in small hands.
  • Fun and playful toy.


  • Make sure children do not eat it.

What we like About It?

It is a fun way to learn counting and numbers. You can engage your children in make-believe baking, serving, and eating game with these cookies.


Trains have always fascinated kids and your kid is also an avid fan of trains, then why not give him something that he loves the most. The Lionel Polar Express Train set contains 24 pieces of curved and 8 pieces of straight plastic track.

Your kid would love the train’s ability to go forward and backward making its archetypical whistling and announcement sounds. The set also comes with a working headlight and 3 train cars.


This is a ready-to-play set where your kids will notice children’s shadows as the travel in the passenger car sipping hot chocolate. Your child will learn to fix and connect tracks and see how this beautiful Polar Express whizzes by.


  • Includes a Berkshire-style steam locomotive, observation car etc.
  • Working headlight and realistic train sounds.
  • Remote controlled the movement of the train.


  • Batteries are not included.
  • Not compatible with Lionel G Gauge.

What we like About It?

Authentic train sounds and remote-control train promises fun and excitement-packed playtime for children.


If your kids love dogs and drawing, then nothing can make them happier than this coloring book that has over 30 creative dog designs. Each page will take your child the world of dogs and coloring them will be enriching the artistic experience for them.

These dogs are drawn in detailed line art and the book features a different breed and different theme. Your kids will not only enjoy coloring but also learn about different breeds of the dog.


While coloring these beautiful dog designs, your kids will learn about dog breeds and also enjoy their coloring time. It is a fun way to play as well as learn about dogs.


  • Seventy pages.
  • 30 creative dog designs.


  • One-sided paper.

What we like About It?

Your kids would like its details drawn around the dogs and enjoy a happy drawing time.


This is an amazing clay modeling set using which your children can create unique shapes, animals, and different objects, completely prune their imagination. The package includes a whopping collection of 36 colors of dry clay which is extremely soft, non-messy, and dries completely in 24 hours.

The clay is safe and non-toxic and keeps your children from any sort of unwholesome environment.


The clay set helps children to inculcate sensitivity in color and shapes. Your children will be able to explore their artistic flair, discover creativity, and develop their brains with this clay set.


  • Clay is light, stretchy, and non-sticky.
  • Safe and non-toxic clay.
  • Encourages creativity in kids.
  • Development of intelligence.
  • Development of hand and eye coordination.


  • Smoothing wrinkles may be difficult.

What we like About It?

The product brings life to the imagination of your child when they make cute clay creatures. It is a fun and educational clay modeling set to engage your children in productive play time. The clay is absolutely safe and certified by the appropriate authority.


Girls love dolls more than anything else and if you want to gift your baby girl, then Cabbage Patch Baby Doll is the best thing.

This is a cute and unique baby doll which is available in funky prints.

Each baby doll has a cozy blanket and a bottle. Your kids would love to snuggle in their beds with their favorite Cabbage Patch Baby doll.


Each Naptime Baby comes with a small blanket, a bottle or pacifier, and cute baby fashions. The baby doll is very unique and will surely become the favorite toy of your kids.


  • One of a kind doll.
  • Accessory and blanket are included with the doll.
  • Cute and beautiful doll.


  • Not a very fancy or educative toy.

What we like About It?

The Naptime Baby comes with a personalized birth certification as well as adoption papers provided by the Babyland General Hospital. Each baby is given a unique name and date of birth.


Kids are bound to soil their dolls’ clothes while play with them, so why not gift them new doll outfits.

These are super cute doll clothes that can fit 14 to 16 Inch baby dolls and 18-inch American dolls.

The Package contains 6 different colorful doll clothes. So if your kids are demanding new clothes for their baby dolls, gift them this cute set of doll outfits.


These are best for kids above 3 years. There are multiple styles in the outfits of the package.


  • Clothes are well made.
  • Cute and fun clothes.
  • Can be easily cleaned.
  • Multiple styles in clothes.


  • Dolls and decorations are not included in the package.

What we like About It?

These clothes are very cute and attractive. The package contains one jeans romper, one pink romper, one swimsuit and hat, one pink dress, one flower dress, and one sleeveless dress.


Cinderella is the favorite princess of girls of all ages especially kids. Girls have always fancied this beautiful Princess and love to read her story again and again.

If Cinderella is the favorite of your kids too, then gift them this beautiful Cinderella Castle building kit.

The kit includes Cinderella and Prince Charming mini-doll figures, two mice figures, and a foal. Accessories include glass slipper tile, jewels, hairbrush, hair bows, opening book, perfume, cheese, croissants, cooking pot, invitation tile, cookies, cooking pot, water bottle, and pan.

Your kids would love arranging the internal features and these accessories and build the castle all over again. 


The toy encourages creativity in children as they will be required to use modular designs and swap sections of the castle, and rearrange the rooms of the castle. Your kids will have a wonderful time watching the Prince and Princess dance on the revolving dance floor.


  • Beautiful and unique toy to boost creativity in children.
  • A wide array of accessories is provided.


  • Choking hazard for children less than 3 years as the parts are very small.

What we like About It?

The package is a customized set where your kids can swap and rearrange internal features. The Castle has a beautiful dining area, bedroom with a secret compartment in the bed, balcony, kitchen, fireplace, secret hiding place, and a dancing floor.

Buying Guide

What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing a toy for your kids?

Before you buy any of the above-listed products, go through these factors and ensure that they are met by these toys.

Let us see some of the important factors for choosing a toy that starts with C for your children. 

Age Appropriateness


Learning through Play




What is the time to put together the Disney Castle?

Do the Ebuddy Doll clothes fit the 14-inch Corolle doll?

Can the Polar Express Train be used on carpets?

Is there an aux plug in for Mercedes Benz car?

Could the Smart Counting cookies pose a choking hazard?

Wrap Up

In this product review, we have mentioned and discussed each of the ten toys in great details so that you make an informed buying decision. Try to choose the right toy that enhances the playing experience of your child and at the same time simplifies learning.

The above-mentioned toys are completely safe and non-toxic for your children. Make sure that you check the important factors before buying the best toys that start with C for your kids.