10 Best Toys That Start with B to Buy for your Kids in 2019

Your children are super excited about their birthday and do you want to plan a surprise gift for them? Do you want to give something that serves both educative and playing purpose? Then you have come to the right place.

You must know that there is a deluge of toys in the market that teaches children different things while they play with their games. There are games that help children perform science experiments; that which help them strengthen their muscles; that which helps them learn mathematics in the easiest way and what not!

And all of this happens during their playtime and your children would not even realize that they just learned something which is taught in school. We have discussed ten such learning cum playing toys that start with B available in the market.

These toys will surely make up a perfect birthday present for your child.


This is super cool and super smart electronic notepad that allows your child to doodle day in day out and give shape to his imagination. Your child can draw, trace, scribble, and erase easily on this note pad.

Another amazing thing about this electronic notepad is that it is extremely durable and resistant to damage caused by water. It comes with d stylus and 18 stencils and so your child can unleash his creativity in the most playful manner.

You can make him practice letters, numbers, and other things. The images or letters are drawn will stay on the note pad as long as you want and will vanish with the touch of a button.


This is a classic electronic notepad that attracts the child in many ways. Your child can draw his imaginations using stylus plastic pens and express their creative side.


  • No wastage of paper as the notepad is an ewriter technology.  
  • Includes 4 different stylus pens and 18 stencils. 
  • Vibrant colors bloom on the notepad and attract children. 
  • It promises a fun learning time.
  • Perfect for kids of all ages.


  • The screen will become a little difficult to reset with time.

What we like About It?

The Boogie Board Tablet is innovative to encourage the child to learn and draw in a playful way.


These are colorful 80 building blocks that offer perfect playtime as well as hands-on experience for early childhood development. These blocks come with a big building bag, so parents don’t have to worry about stepping and slipping on them.

They are the best block-building option for toddlers and help in their development in sundry ways. These blocks are small enough to fit in your child’s hands.


Mega Bloks interlock with other bloks and they are large enough to be used by toddlers. It is a perfect play to encourage creativity in children. All the blocks can be easily stored in a zip-up carrying bag so your kids can take them along anywhere you go.


  • 80 colorful and bright building blocks.  
  • Blocks are made of durable and non-toxic plastic. 
  • A convenient carry bag.
  • These bloks can be used with other Mega Blok set.


  • Interlocking may not be too tight.

What we like About It?

The Mega Bloks are a fun way for kids to build beautiful structures. The bag dispels chances of losing the blocks.


Girls Barbie dolls more than anything else. They can play with it all day without a break. So, this birthday, why not give your kid a beautiful Barbie dream camper? This is a colorful campsite playset where your dolls can eat or sleep in the interior of the camper.

The back of the camper has a closet and bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet. The two seats can be pulled up from the front cab and be made into chairs for the table. There are two more beds so that Barbie and her friends can camp together.


The Barbie Dream Camper allows your child to play in his imagination when Barbie goes on camping. Once they reach their camping site, the camper becomes a three level home where your child can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.


  • It is made of durable plastic. 
  • It has pulled out the swimming pool.
  • A compact motor vehicle can be turned into a three-level playhouse


  • It does not come assembled.

What we like About It?

The Barbie Dream Camper is a fun way to expand your child’s imagination of camping with the dolls.


These toys are perfect to play with underwater bubbles and bath games. The toy set includes 8 different water squirting and floating barnyard animals which can be used to make bath time a fun time for your baby.

Not only will your baby be engaged in bathing but he will also learn the names of animals and the sounds made by them. The animals can also be taken outdoors to enjoy a splash in water games.


Bathing toys are always fun to distract children while they bath. Young kids will also learn to identify different animals.


  • Eight different barnyard animals including an owl, chicken, and a cow. 
  • Animals have a bright color that will attract small babies. 
  • Animals floating in the bathtub will squirt water. 
  • Animals are made from non-toxic plastic.


  • The plastic material may have a peculiar smell.

What we like About It?

These beautiful, cute animals will delight your kids and they will look forward to fun bath time.


This is an excellent ball pit playhouse that enables your budding basketball player to hone his skills as a player. Your child improves his hand-eye coordination while playing with the colorful balls.

This basketball hoop ball pit allows your kids to toss the basketball through the hoop or just relax a leisurely time in the ball pit. Your kids will have their own playground inside the home.


The Ball pit enables children to undertake physical exercise as a part of the game and also better their hand and eye coordination. When they try to keep their balance, they will immensely strengthen their muscles in the game.


  • Made from durable material.  
  • Very easy to set up. 
  • Encourages children to do physical activity.


  • Metal support posts may come out of the material.

What we like About It?

Your kids will enjoy long hours of play with the balls and also do physical exercise. Therefore, it serves the purpose of both parents and kids.


These creepy looking crawling animals can simplify learning maths and at the same time promise a fun play time. The set has 72 counters in six different colors and includes grasshopper, caterpillar, bumblebee, spider, beetle, dragonfly, and spider.

All the counters are contained in a reusable plastic tub so that your kids don’t lose their game little friends. These can be used to teach basic math concepts such as grouping, counting, patterning etc.

These are extremely soft rubber bug counters that give hands-on learning experience to the babies above three years.


This bag of bugs that holds 72 counters is a fun and educational toy for children. You can teach your kid about these small creatures of nature and also simple mathematical concepts of addition, subtraction, counting, etc.


  • The bag has different types of insects.
  • Kids will learn to identify insects. 
  • Kids will also learn counting, sorting, addition, and subtraction. 
  • Insects are made of durable plastic.


  • Paint of the bugs will fade away with the passage of time.

What we like About It?

This is a simple bag of bugs but immensely helps your kid to learn different things. Your kid will be able to identify different species of insects and sharpen their math skills.


This is an amazing high-performance motor that produces more than 800 bubbles per minute. So, if your kids love to make soap bubbles and spend their time playing with water bubbles, this is the best thing to cheer them up with.

The machine looks like a robust motor that makes no noise and seamlessly pushes out a whirlwind of soapy bubbles. You can use these whirlpools of fun in your kid’s birthday party and mesmerize all the guests.

You just have to pour in a 250 ml bubble solution and there will be bubbles all over the place.


This is bubble machine runs with AC adaptor or with 4 cc batteries. It is completely safe for kids as it is made from non-toxic ABS plastic which perfectly child-friendly.


  • Kid-friendly design.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • It has a flat base.
  • Releases 800 bubbles per minute.
  • Very easy to operate


  • Batteries are included with it.

What we like About It?

The machine has a flat base so you can set it anywhere and throw up a beautiful party. It has a simple switch using which children can play safely.


This is a great learning game for kids above 4 years. Make your kids experience the miracle of Metamorphosis with Insect Lore. Your kids will have unforgettable learning when they will see at least 3 caterpillars metamorphose into adult butterflies.

You can show them the life cycle of butterflies in a fascinating and fun manner.


The Insect Lore Giant Butterfly Kit is a great way to foster an appreciation for nature in a child’s mind. As kids are lured by colorful butterflies, you can turn this fascination into a great learning experience for them.


  • Kids can look inside the habitat and witness metamorphosis
  • The pop-up mesh habitat can be used again. 
  • The kit also includes a feeding area and a booklet guide.


  • Caterpillars are shipped separately after you send the enclosed voucher and that entails an extra charge.

What we like About It?

It is an easy and attractive way to learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Kids will learn metamorphosis in the most practical way ever.


This is a big science kit that contains 60 mind-blowing experiments and also comes with all the chemicals, apparatus, and ingredients required. The kit allows your kids to explore different scientific principles and enjoy hours of educational enlightenment.

The kit includes an instructional DVD and a color manual to guide children on how to perform the experiments. There is a wide array of interesting experiments such as sprout garden, volcano, the slime lab, creative crystals, rocket balloon, and much more.


That budding scientist in your home will be very happy to get this Science Kit as a birthday gift. The kit contains everything that your child needs to complete an experiment successfully.


  • The kit contains various substances, test tubes, and other materials to conduct the experiment.  
  • It is a fun way to learn about different aspects of chemistry. 
  • The booklet and DVD explain the steps to perform the experiments easily.


  • The experiments can be done only once with the materials supplied in the kit.

What we like About It?

The DVD and Manual make the experiments too easy to perform. It teaches kids to complete science activities in step-by-step instruction. Your kids will be delighted to see the results of the experiments.


If your kids are being piqued by cooking and if they eagerly lend you hand at the kitchen, then this could be the best thing to gift them. This is a complete bakery set that provides over 40 pieces of baking tools for budding chefs at your home.

The tools are made of 304 stainless steel and non-stick carbon steel so as to enable easy cleaning by your kids. The set also includes easy-to-handle tools for decorating the cake and other baking accessories such as icing bag, cookie cutters, icing tips etc.


Kids that are fascinated by cakes and cooking will learn a lot with this bakery set. This is the best way to teach your kids about baking in the easiest fashion ever.


  • Cake mix frosting and sprinkles come with the set.  
  • It has easy-to-use egg cracker. 
  • A cupcake is also provided that is easy to clean.


  • It requires a conventional oven for baking.

What we like About It?

The baking set allows your kids to bake cakes and cookies very easily. All the essentials are supplied with the bakery set.

Buying Guide

What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing a toy for your kids?

Before you buy any of the above-listed products, go through these factors and ensure that they are met by these toys.

Let us see some of the important factors for choosing toys that start with B for your children. 

Age Appropriateness

Motor Skill Developments


Sensory Perceptions




Does the manual in Learn and Climb Kids Science Set come in other languages?

How can you clean the Bubble Machine?

Does the Barbie Dream Camper include dishes and campfire?

The bugs counters are made of rubber or plastic?

Are there live larvae in the box or the garden of Insect Lore Giant Kit?

Wrap Up

It is very essential that parents choose the right toy for their children. The toy must help them in their physical and mental development and should in no way hamper their bodily progress.

In this product review, we have mentioned and discussed each of the ten toys in great details so that you know that you are buying the right product. Try to choose the right toy that gives your children an incredible playing experience and at the same time simplifies learning for them.

Make sure that you check the important factors before buying the best toys that start with B for your kids.