10 Best Toys that Start with A to Buy in 2019

Are you planning to gift your young kids something on their birthday but at the same time you want that gift to be some value? There is a wide array of toys available in the market that make playtime a learning time and help your children earn different skills and enhance their physical and mental development during their playtime.

While your kids would be playing in excitement, they would not even know that they learn new things and developed new skills to their surprise. These toys are a win-win thing for parents and children and fulfill the desires of both of them.

Let us see the ten best learning cum playing toys that start with A available in the market that will make up as a perfect birthday present for your child.


Want to gift a toy to your kids? Then what better than giving something which is a toy-cum- science learning game. Ant Farm W/LED offers a gaming-cum-learning experience to children who are intrigued by science. This toy is an ant habitat illuminated by Blue LED lights that light up the display.

The toy set comes with everything you need to scan the habitat of the ants such as a magnifying glass, sticks to create tunnels, and other things. Though the set does not provide ants, it has a guide which explains the method to lure ants and dig beautiful tunnels inside the gel.


The toy is a win-win situation for both the parents and children. The children not only enjoy playing the ant farm but also learn valuable information about the biology of ants. The set doles out all the necessary equipment to watch and learn the full life cycle of ants.


  • Cool LED blue lights.
  • Has a nutrient-rich blue gel.
  • Magnifying glass and tunnel stick is provided.
  • Promotes knowledge of children.


  • Ants are not provided in the set.
  • The display is small.

What we like About It?

The display is amazing with LED lights illuminating the tunnels.


This is the best gift to surprise your kids if they are painting the walls and doodling hither and thither in your home. This could be a great way to unleash that artist dwelling inside your child if he or she loves to spend hours coloring the drawing book.

Kids always get attracted to colors and Crayola Mickey increases their attraction even more with its 64 Crayola Crayons, 40 washable markers, 15 large sheets of Paper, and 1 Art storage Case. The set offers portable and organized storage of all the crayons so that your children do not lose them. The crayons are completely safe and non-toxic for your children.


Crayola Mickey Inspiration Art Case encompasses a vibrant horde of crayons and markers in different colors. Each of crayons and markers can be put into the art case or tray when not in use. This encourages your children to keep things neatly while they give colors to their imagination.


  • Children will learn to keeps the crayons neatly.
  • Encourages creativity and art.
  • Comes with 15 large sheets of papers.


  • The Art case may be delicate to handle.

What we like About It?

The set comprises of everything a child needs while drawing and makes up as a perfect birthday gift for budding artists.


This is Ten Row Abacus by Learning Resources is another learn-cum-play game for your kids where they can learn calculations in the easiest way. You children can learn mathematics in a fun manner by using the abacus instruments.

Though the design is simple, the colored beads will enable your children to learn the basic principles faster.


You can teach your kids the basics of arithmetic, counting, patterns, and grouping while they play. the beads are split into five colors in ten rows. This is done to enable children to learn higher number counting in simple methods.


  • Five different colors of beads.
  • Provides educative value.


  • Wires become loose with the passage of time.

What we like About It?

This is an effective way of learning maths in a fun and playful manner. Five different colors of the beads enable faster learning.


If you want your kids to shun idleness and do some physical play, then why not give them Aerobie Pro Ring? The Aerobie Pro Ring is similar to a Frisbee only difference is that it is a soft rubber-edged ring. It is played by throwing it like a Frisbee.

The ring is very soft and light in weight because of its polycarbonate material and thus it slips through your hand’s way faster. The ring is designed to fly as far as possible on a windy day owing to its amazing aerodynamic design.


This is one of the best games for your little if they love to play outdoor games. It is one of the safest outdoor catching games for young kids. Your kids will perform physical activities with this game and thus it is a wonderful way to make them stay fit and full energy.


  • Made of durable material.  
  • Easy to catch. 


  • Cannot float in water.

What we like About It?

The game adds variety to the game of Frisbee with its aerodynamics. Parents can rest assured that their children will undertake physical activity without the danger of being injured.


This is a beautiful 102 piece extra large building blocks set created by HABA. You can gift this set to the budding architects at your home who get fascinated by buildings and edifices. The game set is suitable for kids between 1-8 years.

The set includes 34 special building blocks, 14 rectangular blocks, 16 square blocks, 16 slats, 10 columns, 8 triangles, and 4 bridges. The blocks are completely safe to play and they are made of solid natural, beechwood sourced from Germany.


Your children can unlock their imagination by building these locks in a variety of shapes. These blocks can be used for children of different ages and can be combined with other games to have enjoyable play time.


  • Made of durable materials. 
  • The wood comes in beautiful colors.


  • The blocks may break easily.

What we like About It?

The blocks motivate children to undertake creativity while playing.


This toy set comprises of amazing drawing tools and A-Frame Art Easel which is created by Little Partners. The easel has a dry-erase board, hang paper, crayons, paints, and chalkboard for children to draw whatever they imagination asks them to.

The storage shelves and two large fabric bins are also provided to store your paraphernalia in an organized manner. 

The art tray and cup holders will keep the necessary colors and brushes so as to offer convenient access. Gift this to your child and enable him to paint his heart out.


The supplies can be kept close to the board so that your child easily accesses his paints and other things. So let your children lose and see them unleash their imagination. The paper roll holder is kept on the top chalkboard so that the tools are within the reach of your kids.


  • Made of Durable material. 
  • Paints are healthy and non-toxic.
  • The toy includes non-spill painters. 
  • Easily Stow Supplies.
  • The clip will hold the piece of art till the time it dries.


  • The paints and provided separately.
  • You cannot adjust the height. 

What we like About It?

You will get all the supplies in one set. More than one child can play with this game.


If your kid has a fascination with airplanes, then this might be the perfect toy for him. It is a green stubby airframe that has short wings to fly in the air. The toy consists of small pieces which needed to be fitted in their exact positions.

Your kid will solve this challenge to lift the airplane in the air and tickles his imagination. Kids will love to fly this plane after achieving the feat of solving the challenge.


The toy is an amazing way to encourage creativity and build brains. Every piece is perfectly shaped and fits in the small hands of children. The challenge-solving technique triggers children to use their brains and thus they engage in mental exercise while playing.


  • It is made in the USA.
  • Made of recyclable materials. 


  • There is no pilot figure in the toy.
  • There is no motor.

What we like About It?

These toys are environmentally friendly and safe for kids to play. It is made of recyclable products which will not harm your children.


This is a great toy for babies as it has attractive colors, lights, and music. It comes as a cube which has five interactive sides and 13 double-sided letter blocks to which the babies respond.

You are required to insert the blocks in a slot which recognizes letters and once you put that in, the LED screen will lit up and a song will play.

The babies can even press the ten colorful animal shaped buttons and develop their sense of recognizing colors, sounds, numbers, animal names, shapes etc.


The toy enables children to learn while they play. Your baby will not only enjoy playing with the toy, but he will also learn different concepts that are essential for baby development.


  • It has an automatic stop feature.  
  • Has various songs. 
  • Provides volume control to the users.
  • Provides educative value to the babies.


  • The sticker may come off with the passage of time.
  • It is available in English only.

What we like About It?

This toy is amazing for grabbing the attention of babies and also helps in baby development. The babies respond to the motion in the toy, lights, and music.


VTech is a noted name making electronic toys and this could be one of the easiest to teach the Alphabet to your baby. The toy also makes sounds of different letters and enables your baby to develop his or her language and speech abilities.

With VTech Alphabet Apple, your baby will learn the English letters in a simple, fun, and easy way.


The toy teaches letters and phonics to the babies in an easy and efficient manner. The toy has eight different activities and as many as thirty songs. The handle makes it easy for the babies to grab and carry it wherever they go.


  • Movable hands of the clock. 
  • Multiple songs.
  • Users can do multiple activities. 


  • The toy does not repeat the phonics
  • Cannot run without batteries.

What we like About It?

This is an amazing way to catch the attention of your baby. The toy does that in multiple ways and even lights up the buttons to which the baby responds.


Bathtime is usually a fun time for babies and they love to splash and wallow in the water with the toys floating around. Each pack of the toy comes with 3 squirt toys which squirt water and make bathing time a fun time for kids.

The toys have attractive colorful designs that capture the attention of children and visually engage them. These are beautiful small toys which can easily fit in your baby’s hands.


This toy set helps in motor skill developments. The toy set of bathtub toys can be used to practice these skills just before bedtime. These toys can be easily squeezed to squirt water and your kids will enjoy their bathing time.


  • The Bathtub toy set includes three squirting toys.  
  • Toys are character themed. 
  • Attractive and colorful toys. 
  • Helps in the development of motor skills.
  • Fit in the hands of babies.


  • The toys will not float when they have water inside them.
  • When left in water, the toys can become mold.

What we like About It?

This is a simple, cute, and fun toy set. You can engage your kids during their bath time with these toys.

Buying Guide

What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing a toy for your kids?

Before you buy any of the above-listed products, go through these factors and ensure that they are met by these toys.

Let us see some of the important factors for choosing a toy that starts with A for your children.


Learning Through Play


Age Appropriateness



Can A-frame Art Easel be folded to make it portable or for easy storage?

Can Adult hand fit in Animal Puppets?

Can AquaDoodle be erased?

How long do the Air Hogs RC batteries work?

Can I use 1-litre bottle with Aquapod Bottle Launcher?

Wrap Up

In this product review, we have mentioned and discussed each of the ten toys in details. These products will give you an abridged understanding of how you can use these toys to help your children new things.

The above-mentioned toys are completely safe and environment-friendly to be used by younger ones. Make sure that you check the important factors before buying the best toys that start with A for your kids.