How to Choose the Right type of basketball for kids?

How to Choose the Right type of basketball for kids?

Hey, folks, if you are reading this article then you must be finding the answer to the question given above that how to choose basketball for your kids? Guys, if you are a parent then you must be aware of the benefits of basketball in a kid’s life. If, yet, you don’t have any idea about the importance of basketball then you can read our article that we have uploaded earlier. Basketball is one of the best outdoor game which helps kids to grow and getting more mature.

This article is about how you can choose the right type of basketball for kids if you have knowledge about basketball if you have ever played it then it is very easy to choose the best type of basketball for your kid. But if you are one who never used to play basketball or don’t have enough knowledge about it then this is the correct place for you because below in this article we are going to mention all the idea on the basis you can choose the right type of basketball for your kid.

Here are some facts that you have to follow while choosing the right basketball for your kids:

Size of the ball: Guys this is one of the basic facts you have to look in, you have to choose the correct size for the better handling and eye coordination. If you are a parent who doesn’t know about how to consider size for your kids then here below we are going to mention the size of the ball that preferable as per the age of your kid.

One of the first choice if your kid is between 2-4 years old then the micro-mini basketball which is a perfect basketball, with a specification of just 16 inches and weight of 8-10 oz, it helps enhance proper handling and eye coordination.

If your kid is around 4-8 years old then you can choose another category which is mini basketball which owns the Circumference of 22 inches and with the weight of 10-12 oz.

Now if your kid is big enough around 9-11 years old to understand everything and handle big basketball then you can go with the normal basketball but with the Circumference of 27.5 inches and with the weight of 17oz.

If your kid is in school or college and around 12 to 14 years old then you can choose the basketball with the dimension of 28.5 inches and owing to the weight of 20 oz.

Another fact you have to look at the material with basketball made of:

While buying the right basketball for your kid it should be considered that in which floor it will be played on. Basketball can be played indoor and outdoor as well and if you are using the wrong basketball on the wrong floor then it can make bouncing very awkward. Basketball is available in the three primary available in the market which is leather, synthetic leather, and rubber.

1. Leather basketball

If you want to buy basketball for your indoor playing then we prefer you to choose the best quality of leather basketball which is good for indoor games. As we all know that indoor floors are usually made of wooden which are best for leather basketballs and also it provides better grip even if you play in sweating.

Even in the court of professional basketball court which is made up of wooden this (leather) kind of basketball give the softest and most comfortable feel while grabbing it. If you want to practice or playing on outdoor floor which is usually made up of concrete which can damage leather materials and reduce their durability.

2. Synthetic Basketball

Synthetic basketballs which are also known as composite leather and are covering with synthetically to give the feel of leather. The advantage of this kind of material basketball is mainly designed for both outdoor and indoor courts. It most preferable basketball for use in outdoor courts because it doesn’t have the same condition as full leather basketball.

The cost for synthetic type basketballs is not as higher and everyone can afford it easily. It is the type of basketball in between Leather which is the most expensive and rubber which is least expensive.

3. Rubber Basketballs

Rubber basketballs are usually designed for playing in both of the floors such as indoors and outdoors court. It is the best kind of basketball for beginners and it is the best basketball or people who want a basketball on the budget.

It is the count of the most affordable type of basketballs and the bouncing capacity of this kind of basketball is very well. Rubber basketball is the most preferable for outdoor courts and best for the player who doesn’t want any particular kind of ball, who needs it just for practice and not for any competition. Rubber basketballs one of the most durable for outdoor court and in most cases it is Longleat

So, guys. Here we have mentioned all the facts on which basis you can choose the right basketball for your kid. As we have mentioned about the size which is a very important part you have to keep in mind that the age of your kid and how much your kid like to play basketball, all these facts can help you to choose the correct type of basketball for your kid.