5 Best Zipline Kit for Kids to Buy in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

A zip-line consists of a pulley hung on a cord, generally made of stainless steel, mounted on an incline. It's designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel in the very best to the base of the cord that was inclined by holding on to, or attaching to, the pulley that was moving. Zip-lines come in many forms, most frequently utilized as a way of amusement. They can be found on playgrounds, designed for child's play and could be low and short.

In case you get a zipline kit you can be ready to go in less than an hour. A kit was fashioned for easy set-up and comes with clear directions. Lots of people say a zip line kit gives kids hours of healthy, outdoor fun, while enhancing strength, athletic abilities and self esteem. A zipline kit makes for a fantastic birthday present. It's one of the best outdoor toys but they are designed for residential use as well.

People of all age enjoy playing with zipline. Ziplining doesn’t just work as stress buster but very enjoyable and beneficial from health perspective as well. Kids are very fond of them as they feel like doing some really adventurous and heroic tasks​

ProductAccessoriesKey FeatureMeasurementRatingPrice
RiplineIncludedEasy Installation4.3Check Price
Eagle SeriesIncludedComplete package4.5Check Price
100' Night Riderz SeriesIncluded50 LED Lights4.3Check Price
CTSC 95 FootIncludedVersatility4.6Check Price
150' ChetcoIncludedHighly Durable5.0Check Price

Why Get It​ ?

ZipLine is one of the fastest growing eco-friendly global activities for kids and adults of all ages. With such a busy and fast life when everyone is running short of time, we can’t ignore the child's growth. Ziplining can often be an enjoyable, thrilling voyage to experience. It’s a great method of break free from tension arises from the monotonous work and get a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

If you are contemplating whether or not to get a backyard zipline, consider the health benefits that zip liner offers to you along with your household. Not only kids but adults also love to zip line. It's going to keep them joyful, lively, and healthy. It is going to be among the best decisions you'll ever make, if you decide to purchase the best zipline for your kids.

  • Zip Lining is an incredible workout. It has got the power to tighten up your abs in no time! Similar to laughing, riding a zipline requires your belly to tighten and your abdominal muscles to tense and reinforce your core.
  • Zip Lining burns calories. With all your muscles working, your body burns approximately 100 cal/hour.
  • It'll make your kid happy! Zip Lining gets children smile, laugh, and experience a rush- all in your backyard. I can say this from personal experience as well as I've never met anyone who did not enjoy a zipline.
  • It is great for your eyesight. By sharpening long space vision, eyesight improves. Any time the eyes focus on items in the distance it relaxes yet reinforces eyesight.

As you can see zip lining has many health benefits and you might be actually selecting to improve the wellness of your children, in selecting to obtain a zipline!

1. Ripline Epic Zipline

Zipline kit

Ripline zipline kit is very popular among kids. High safety standards make this particular zip line kit the first choice of parents. Easy installation and aesthetic design are few of its features mentioned below:

  • Safety: When it comes to kids safety holds the most important place for parents. Ripline epic zipline kit includes a bungee cord as a braking system and guarantees ultimate safety. Now be assured of your child’s safety and let them enjoy their best phase of life.
  • Turn Your Backyard Into A Playground: If you want to spend quality time with your little ones while playing, you can easily transform your backyard into a playground with this amazing product. Kids just love playing with ziplines in their backyard.
  • Easy Installation: It is very easy to instal as the trolley included in the pack is already fully assembled. Manual provided with this product describes the whole process in simple steps.
  • Ultimate Convenience: This particular zip line is especially designed for kids. It comprises of various features like non-slippery rubber grips, butterfly-shaped trolley and adjustable swing seat as per your kid’s needs.
  • Measurements: It measures 12.1 x 11.9 x 9.4 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds.

2. Eagle Series Zipline

Eagle Series Zipline

Eagle Series Zipline. A zipline kit is one of the most exciting items you can put in your backyard, for hours of enjoyment! Ziplines help improve strength and balance, all while riding just a few feet off the ground.

  • Seat with adjustable bracket: The Eagle Series includes a seat, which increases the length of the ride and helps reduce the riding height. A specially designed hardware bracket allows rope and seat length to change for different riders' heights! Rope and seat remove easily for added enjoyment.
  • Complete package: Fully assembled steel trolley with comfortable rubber grip handles, and hardware to attach two ends.
  • Suitable for 7 and above: Fun for ages 7 and up! Not for children under 3 years of age.
  • Durability: Suggested maximum load factor is 250 LBS. It is made up of galvanized steel, rubber and plastic.
  • Measurements: Assembled Dimensions: 70': 840" L x 0.18" W x 0.18" H. 90': 1080" L x 0.18" W x 0.18" H. Weight: 12 lbs.

3. 100' Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

100' Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

Zipline is always fun and with the Night Riderz zipline it just gets better. Turn your backyard into an extreme adventure park with Ziplines.

  • 50 LED Lights: It extends your zipline fun in the night with 50 LED lights on the seat, rope and trolley.
  • High Performance: Night Riderz series ziplines help improve strength and balance all while riding just a few feet off the ground.
  • High Quality: 100' galvanized steel cable, 50 LED lighted saucer seat with adjustable 10' rope.
  • Fully Equipped: Fully assembled steel trolley with comfortable rubber grip handles and hardware to attach to 2 ends.
  • Product Dimension: 12 x 12 x 9.5 inches ; 15.5 pounds

4. CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Cable Kit with Brake and Seat

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line is a real fun for kids and actually a privilege for parents to spend quality time with their little loved ones. Below, i have mentioned its features, you should take note of.

  • Smooth & Safe Ride: Each steel zip trolley line features ball bearing pulleys, comfortable, non-slip grips, and a wide bottom seat to make sure you don’t slide off during the ride.
  • Complete Zip Lining Set: You will find everything you need to set up, ride and enjoy, including seven unique accessories to improve your ride. You’ll get cabling, a seat, trolley, bungee cord, u-clamps and more.
  • Safety: These backyard ziplines are crafted with ultra-strong, galvanized steel cable and are highly tested to meet rigid CE and RoHS international testing certifications; meaning it holds up to 250 lbs. SAFELY!
  • Integrated Seat: This zipline has an integrated seat that allows kids to swoop through the air while remaining close to the ground. The attached seat reduces stress on arms and allows ziplining at lower heights.
  • Easy Setup: Complete with a 95’ long zip line cable, it sets up easily and securely for long distance rides.
  • Versatility: The rope length and seat height adjusts easily to accommodate zipliners of all heights. Suitable for ages 8 and above.
  • Measurements: It measures 12 x 12 x 8.7 inches and weighs 13.9 pounds.

5. 150' Chetco Zip Line Kit

Chetco Zip Line Kit Drifter Seat

Get outside and soar across your backyard in style with a new Chetco Zip Line Kit. Hold on to the trolley with just your hands or attach riders with the Drifter Wooden Seat.

  • Durability: It consists of blue powder coated steel trolley with handlebars and dual-bearing wheels for added lifetime.
  • Sturdiness: Chetco zip line is very rugged with 150 Feet of 1/4" Galvanized aircraft cable provides superior strength and weather resistance.
  • Complete package: It comes in a package with cable, a heavy-duty trolley with built-in handlebars, hand made wooden seat with 1” rope and a stop block for the end.
  • Guarantee: It comes with 1-Year of guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Holding capacity: The Chetco Zip Line Kit can accommodate riders up to 350 lbs.

What to Look For​?

Before making a decision to purchase a zipline kit, you need to look for few essential things.

Where will your zip line be set up?

How long will you want your cable line to be?

The weight mbn restrictions on your kit absolutely should be followed or injury could ensue. A quality zip line kit will probably be safe and enjoyable for the kids, but consistently follow the installation and directions carefully.

What sort of harness apparatus are you interested in?

How much are you prepared to invest?

Quality of Kits: The very first thing to understand about investing in a zip line kit is that you should always purchase a new one. Also go for the kits that are manufactured by companies with good reputation. It's possible for you to look on the internet for reviews and ratings. Do your research, and choose the best zipline kit available as per your requirements keeping safety standards at utmost priority.