10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids [April. 2019]: Reviews and Buying Guide

5 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best walkie talkie for kids, you are bound to be a little overwhelmed by the choices in front of you. With so many brands to choose from, that’s not that surprising.

Walkie talkie for kids has indeed undergone a transformation in the last few years, making the transformation from huge bulky objects to sleek, slender and powerful ones. There are various metrics that you may want to consider when reviewing a walkie-talkie. For example, you may want to consider the price tag or the range of the walkie-talkie, and the list goes on.

You would be better off by reviewing our rundown of some of the top walkie-talkies and then reading the detailed description posted below. Do not forget to check out the section on how to care for the product in the long term.

10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids in 2019

  • Best Value: UOKOO UHF Handheld, “Amazon users often rave about the cost and the fact that it comes with, lasting battery charge, and clear reception.”
  • Best Budget: Spy Gear video walkie-talkie at Amazon, “These do not require any Wi-Fi, happen to be solidly built, water-resistant, and light-weight. With the spy gear walkie-talkie, you are prepared for any occasion.”
  • Best for Children: Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies, “It comes with a colorful lightweight pair of radios, which are simple to transmit and use.”
  • Best for Preteens: Sokos Walkie Talkies at Amazon, “These include a smart PMR system for auto-scanning, provides a clear and crisp quality of sound.”
  • Best for Business: Motorola RMU2080D at Amazon, “Remarkable range, durability, and easy-to-operate controls, not to mention the built-in flashlight make this walkie-talkie well-suited for families and young children alike.”

Let’s start off with the obvious, the walkie-talkies come with a neat design and are sleek and available in more than a single color. What makes these walkie talkies stand out is the fact that they come loaded with advanced functionality such as intelligent alarm system, anti squelch, extremely long play time, 9-hour standby, long-standing battery and much more.

If you want to monitor your kids, then this walkie talkie should be perfect for the same. The audio feedback with this product is crisp as the anti squelch mutes out the background noise so that you are able to hear the other person accurately and clearly.

Incidentally, the walkie-talkies also come with 22 channels that you can utilize and an easy to operate system along with a detailed manual to help you with the same. These walkie talkies are built for kids and not adults, and are often a source of great fun.

What makes them interesting is the fact that they come with backlit LCD panels, making them all the more attractive and can be used over wide ranges (5m). These walkie talkies are built to last and should provide your kids with the requisite entertainment, during the holiday season. 


These walkie talkies are the perfect gift for any kid, as they can easily be operated by 4 years old. The overall design is simple, sleek but effective. This product comes with a belt chain that can help you anchor the walkie-talkies to any part of the body.

It also comes with VOX function which should help your kid communicate with this walkie talkie a lot easier. It also comes with lock function, rechargeable batteries, SQUELCH factor 1-6 which means that all sounds transmitted via this product should be crystal clear and more.

The walkie-talkie does come with the requisite 22 channels and you can also use the walkie-talkie to scan the various channels and set it up accordingly so that your kids can use it easily. It also comes with a 5 button and PTT which makes it easy to operate and what’s more, it is durable and should definitely last longer.


These walkie talkies are manufactured for all ages, from that of young kids to adults, seeking a better way to keep in touch over long distances. They come with all the advanced functionality that you would require, and are extremely light so that they can be carried anywhere.

This product comes with a maximum range of 50 miles (open spaces with zero obstruction in between). What’s more, along with the usual lot of 22 communication channels, this walkie talkie also comes with an additional 28 channels, which is why some of the adults use the same to stay in touch, such as medical professionals, farm workers, etc.

It also comes with an auto scan function which should indicate the live channels and comes with rechargeable batteries and works just as well with four standard AA batteries, in case you are not able to recharge your batteries for some reason. It also comes with a waterproof coating, making it an all-weather walkie-talkie, and one which is currently available at Amazon.


This walkie talkie comes with a kid-friendly design and one that is quite easy to set up and use. It comes with the usual 22 channels which your kids can utilize to communicate with each other and comes with a special ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry around and use as well.

This walkie talkie is certainly for all ages and comes with a push to talk button, it is that simple to use. It also comes with a few additional features such as anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system and also enables you to monitor your kids in real time as well.

And, the product in question is made from environmentally friendly materials and is built to last long, which should make it a perfect gift for your kids. It also comes with channel lock as well as PTT with which your kids can stay in touch with their friends, even those ones who are located away at some distance. It is currently available at Amazon.


Guess the name sort of gives it all away; this walkie talkie is a perfect gift for kids. It can be used by them to stay in constant touch within 160 feet of each other. It certainly comes with an ergonomic design and is lightweight as well.

What makes it unique is the fact that it also comes with a camera feature which your kids can use to set it up in a corner and capture live feed. Do note that the walkie-talkie also turns itself off, if left unattended for 15 mins in order to conserve power.

All that your kid has to do is to turn on the feature, set it up in a corner and he should have a live streaming feed of the specified room, with pristine clarity. The walkie-talkie is rightfully tagged as a spy gear. But it also requires 6 AAA batteries in order to operate. This product is currently available at Amazon.


This walkie talkie certainly comes with an ergonomic design and fantastic colors to pick from. It also has a 2-mile range and is quite easy to set up and use. In fact, a 2-year-old would be able to use this walkie talkie quite well which makes it a great product.

It comes with 3 separate channels that one can use for communicating with the other person and last over 3.5 hours on continuous use and over 9 hours on standby. The product comes with LED indicators as well as a belt that one can use to carry this walkie-talkie around which incidentally does not weigh that much and is quite small.

The walkie-talkie is also durable and meant to last, and comes with a one-year warranty as well. What’s more, the sound quality of this product is crystal clear and your kids should be able to have tons of fun with their secret conversations on the same. It is currently available at Amazon.


Think 2-mile range and 22 communication channels and that’s what this product is all about. It is certainly powerful enough and packs in all the advanced functionality that you would ever require.

The overall design is kid-friendly and designed to be friendly to the environment as well. It certainly comes with an ergonomic design and is lightweight and easy to operate. In fact, your kid should not find it hard to operate and it is easy to set up as well.

But the best part is that it is compact and small, which makes it perfect to gift this to small kids, as it would fit in within their hands perfectly. In fact, this walkie talkie was designed for kids and it certainly looks great. It also comes with Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, and is designed to last long, battery wise and carries a 12-month warranty.


When it comes to walkie-talkies, the one way to differentiate between various brands is to figure out which one comes with great audio quality. This walkie talkie certainly does, as it mutes the background noise so that the conversation is crystal clear.

It is certainly a great product, designed for all ages but mostly for kids. It comes with a neat ergonomic design that is user-friendly, compact and easy to set up and use. It also features over 22 communication channels as well as remain effective for over 3 miles which are quite long, when you think about it.

The walkie-talkie also enables the user to scan and find out which of the channels are live and also features a lockdown feature through which you can lock down certain channels and prevent your kids from using the same. Your child can use the PPT push down button to initiate conversation with his friend, it is that easy to use. You can check it out at Amazon.


This walkie talkie comes in a pack of 4, is colored Orange and is just what your kid and friends were looking for. It was certainly designed to be used by kids, and is quite compact, not to mention lightweight and should fit easily into their hands.

It comes with over 22 channels that you can use for communicating with others and has a range of 1.9 miles indoors and over 3 miles outdoors. It can easily be used for communicating with someone over long distance ranges.

This walkie-talkie also comes with background noise canceling feature and as a result, the audio quality with this walkie talkie is crisp and crystal clear to perfection. It also comes with LCD backlit but please note that adverse weather of any kind can affect the overall range of this product.

It also comes with a one-year warranty and can be easily obtained at Amazon, with express delivery if required.


This walkie talkie comes with 3 channels for communication as well as a range of three miles. It is perfect for small kids and would indeed be a great Christmas gift. As far as the design goes, it is ergonomic, lightweight and compact not to mention the fact that it is quite easy to use as well.

In fact, all that your kid has to do is to push the button to initiate a conversation and that’s it. It also features a bright LCD display and comes with a call alert function as well. Furthermore, the walkie-talkie also features a flashlight and comes with a handy belt which you can use to anchor the product to your body.

As it was designed specifically for kids and small children, the product was designed to be both kids friendly and durable as well. It is certainly sturdy and also comes with 3 AAA batteries in order to function. It is currently available at Amazon.

Tips to Maintain Your Walkie-Talkie

If you have just purchased a new walkie-talkie for your kids, then you may want to review the following facts when it comes to maintaining the two-way communication radio in pristine condition.

  • Regularly inspect and change batteries

It goes without saying that you need to regularly inspect your walkie-talkie and change the battery as often as needed. You need to do this to prevent the old batteries from leaking and impacting the product in question.

  • Keep ventilation areas clear

Your product comes with small vents that would allow both heat and air to escape from the product. Make sure that these vents are kept clear all the time.

  • Store Safely

Just because a product is advertised as durable, it does not mean that you get to drop it often. Make sure that you store the walkie-talkie carefully and that you do not drop it as it can affect the functionality of the device.

  • Keep it away from water

Even if the walkie-talkie comes with waterproof coating, it is not a good idea to drop it in water. Make sure that you keep it well away from water, all the time.

  • Dust and wipe down

You need to inspect, change batteries, dust and clean the product as often as possible. As more dust accumulates on the product, some of its key functions can be impacted. This is why you need to take a soft cloth and gently dust and wipe down the device to maintain it properly.

  • Check the manual

It is always a good idea to check the product manual as they would come with several helpful tips including tips on maintaining your product in perfect condition. Make sure that you review the manual in detail and highlight the important sections as well as numbers you need to call in case of an issue.


These are some of our top picks as far as walkie-talkies go; these days both adults and young children often use the two-way communication radio to stay in contact with their friends. Cops use the same to contact their station, ambulance helpers with their hospital, etc.

The point is that even though most walkie-talkies had been initially designed for kids, they have since evolved in the last few years and are being used today, by all age groups.