10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids and Toddlers in April 2019

Remote Control Car for kids

Remote control cars are loved by kids, especially boys for their robust gaming experience. Kids love to crash their cars into walls and other toys and get mesmerized by its burly built.

Remote control enthusiasts love it for its speed and super-cool features such as funky lights, sounds, ability to run on water etc. If you are looking for the best remote-control car for Kids, you are going to give them an extraordinary playing feel.

When buying it for kids, it is imperative that you look for durability and safety. Check out the ten handpicked and best remote control car for kids, before you make a purchase.

10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids and Toddlers


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4 Wheel Drive


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Monster Truck


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Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon is one the greatest remote-control cars for toddlers to ride in. If you think toddlers cannot have remote control cars to play, given their tini-tiny age, you are wrong.

With Prextex Cartoon Vehicles you can give an altogether new playing experience to your little ones.

With Prextex Cartoon you are likely to introduce your kids to safe and easy remote-control toys. It is very likely that your toddlers will shun all his soft toys and remain glued to his new toy.

This is the best RC car for 5-year-old kids and has everything that children get attracted to; joyful colors, realistic police siren sounds, flashy headlights, and honking sounds. So, get ready for beeps and hoots as your home will soon be transformed into a noisy and sluggish traffic scene.

The set contains two vehicles: one police car having two removable Police Man Action Figures and Remote Control; and one racing car with two Race Car Driver Figures and Remote Control. The best thing about the set is that both vehicles operate on different frequencies so your child can play with both of them at the same time.

The realistic touch and variable frequencies will give a distinct encounter of gaming with the best remote-control car for 4-year-old UK. The vehicles will run on 3 AA batteries whereas the remote will run on two AA batteries. The batteries will not be included in the set.


  • Fun, colorful, and attractive for toddlers
  • Realistic touch with its sirens and horns
  • Perfect for young children


  • The car cannot make many turns
Maisto R-C Rock Crawler

Looking for a rough and tough remote-control car for 12-year-old boy? Maisto R/C Rock Crawler can be your best pick.

With a body design to travel over the rugged of terrains, you can allay the fears of a quick break down of this awesome remote-control car.

Rick Crawlers is a sturdy 12.5 long car that makes up a wonderful gift for your child. With the ability to traverse rocky paths; it strides across big obstacles very smoothly. So, it has dispensed you with the need for fixing frequent breakdowns.

It has large tyres coupled with great suspension so that your child has an easy ride at its four-wheel drive. An articulated front and back suspension, two motors, and low gears, your child will not be able to take his hands off. Among its other exciting features, the car makes room for as many as three players to play simultaneously.

Its Tri-channel transmitter enables three people to play with other Maisto radio control vehicles. So, be prepared for your child and his friends hopping around at your home. Though it requires six AA batteries for the car and two AA batteries for the controllers, the experience is worth it.


  • Great built to pass through roughest terrains
  • Able to run on three channels
  • Great durability


  • Steering may be a bit of shoddy quality
KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car for Kids, Rechargeable, Durable and Easy to Control

KidiRace is one of the best remote-control cars for the kids owing to its safe materials. If you don’t want your children to play with any harmful toys, this is the best RC car for 5-year-old and should be your pick.

Children will love its anti-jamming frequencies which allow them to have firm control over their car when racing.

The attractive police car comes with non-slip tyres of the cars and enables the children to control better and make groovy turns. The tight-turning radius goes along with the car’s quick response so that children have amazing racing experience. The best thing about the car is the long remote-control range.

With such an expansive range, the car will always be on the radar even from a good distance. Your child will no longer need to run behind the car. With its robust 2.4 GHz Technology, you can play with multiple cars (at max 6) in an area without any hassle.

It is equipped with realistic emergency lights and sounds of the horn, siren, and a running engine. Another remarkable feature of the car is its built-in rechargeable battery that is recharged with a mini USB. Once it is charged, your child can enjoy unstoppable 30 minutes of racing.


  • Conveniently rechargeable
  • Realistic lights and sounds
  • Longer remote-control range
  • Made of safe material
  • Non-slip tyres


  • Lengthy startup process
BMW i8

Want a remote car which is an absolute value for the money you have spent? BMW i8 is the right choice. Your kids will slip into the shoes of a real driver of BMW and forget that it’s just a toy. 

This will prove to be the best car for 12-year-old boy and kids of above 12. It is very light in weight and has smooth handling to steer it right, Left, and reverse.

Expect some swift moves and turns from the car for its full function remote control technology. What’s more? It looks like a real BMW i8. Made into a chic body styling, the car runs on Custom BMW wheel. The tyres, layered with rubber grip will scamper hither and thither smoothly. Race outside or inside, the fun will be the same!

The most striking feature of this plastic version of BMW is its shock absorbent front wheels and differential mechanism in the rear wheel. This radio remote-controlled car has 5 mph speed and remote range spanning across 98 ft.

It has blinking LED headlamps and taillights which flicker when the car is run forwards and reverse. It is a licensed BMW product and has the cost of the license included in the price of the product. It will require a battery of 5 x AA for the car and 1 x 9V for the remote controller.


  • Custom wheels
  • Smooth handling
  • Fast


  • Not very long battery life
Click N' Play

Give a chance to your kids to tickle their imagination and pull off great stunts with their new Click N Play remote control car. The car has a speed of 7 mph and runs at a great pace by the dent of its two powerful motors. 

Your child will have an other-worldly experience of sprinting the cars on grass, sand, tar, without having any glitches.

You can even jump the truck from small elevations and bump it into walls; it will stand upright again! It has been rated as one of the best RC cars for 5-year-old Kids who have gone bonkers over the ability of the truck to slide up a slanted surface. It has a torque so your children can make it ride over grass without any trouble.

The car is complimented with a tri-channel transmitter that helps three children to play with their brand remote control vehicle. If durability is what you look for in your kid’s toy, then Click N’ Play will prove to be a reliable product. The truck has a durable plastic body and runs on quality rubber wheels, having a firm grip on the ground.

It has anti-skid 4-wheel drive and a 2.4 GHz radio control as well as front and rear suspension. It will run on 4 AA batteries for the car and 3 AA batteries for the transmitter.


  • Two powerful motors giving a speed of 10km/H
  • High-quality rubber wheels
  • Shock proof system
  • Smooth running on all surfaces


  • Hefty remote for steering
  • Battery drains quickly
Traxxas Rustler

Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is touted to the favorite of remote control-aficionados. 

The car is one of the best presents if you want to buy a car for 12-year-old boy, on his birthday. The Traxxas Rustler is a two-wheel-drive car and its smart features enable it to drive the non-road terrains also.

The full suspension of the car has made it skid along the rocky terrain. It has full suspension, which helps to maintain control over uneven or rocky terrain and makes cornering easy. It lets your child have an easy control on the coarse surfaces.

The car comes with smooth braking and reversing capabilities to cull it out from getting stuck. For its huge speed that is up to 35 mph, it is has been one of the best RC cars 2017. The body of the car is made of tough plastics and metals that can endure sudden bumps and collisions. On the other hand, the vital components are sealed and waterproof.

The rear tyres have large lugs and the front tyres have are ribbed which is why they can run on off-the-road tracks. Traxxas also offers an optional telemetry feature with all of its cars which has made it one of the best Remote-Control Car for Kids Under this feature, you can see details like speed, battery voltage, temperature, rpm on any iPod, iPhone or iPad.


  • Waterproof
  • Tough plastic body
  • Great suspension to run on any surface
  • Easy to repair


  • Battery life is short
  • Controls are not very easy to use
INTEY RC Cars Amphibious

Kids and adults have liked it as one of the best RC cars 2017 alike. If your children have ruined their toys by dropping them in water, then rest assured, you have a water-proof remote-control car at your disposal. With a scale of 1:12, INTEY RC is one of the largest RC toy trucks.

Its big size ensures easy passage through different spaces and it also hovers above other trucks when racing. The car has aptly named amphibious RC car for its ability to run on the dry and wet surfaces. The running on water will not face any hiccups as the car is IP6 waterproof.

It boasts a skid resistance feature which facilitates its smooth racing on rocks, snow, grass, mountains, and beach activities. It has a speed of 8-10 km/h on land and 0.8 km/h on water. All the four wheels have suspension springs which offer a flexible shock proof system.

The wheels are protected with an anti-collision baffle on both the sides. So, slam your vehicle into anything; it will not have malfunctions. Having a 7.2V and a 9V battery, your kids will enjoy uninterrupted 15 continuous minutes of fun with the best remote-control car under $100.


  • Strong and well built
  • Waterproof
  • 24-month warranty
  • Fast and easy to control


  • Battery runs out quickly
Cartoon R-C Race Car Radio Control

The Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control is a colorful, shiny, and the best remote-control car under $100. It has proved to be an ideal toy for children of 18 months and above. 

The car is designed in a way to give an incredible experience of playing with the best remote-control car for 4-year-old UK, or electronic toys for the first time.

It has a speed which is fast enough for kids. They can drive the car forward and backward with easy two-button control. This is one of the best remote-control cars for toddlers to ride in, especially the ones who love racing with cars. It has soft wheels and funky design and runs very quickly.

Your kid would love its honking sounds, music, and bright lights. Let your child press that button and see him chuckle with the light and sound effects. The car has removable driver figures which can take out to play separately. The cartoon car has proved to be the best remote-control car for 4-year-old UK, for its steering wheel in the shape of RC controller to shove the car backward and forward.

The toy is safe for your kid as it is made of ABS plastic and soft edges. So, you don’t worry about those bruises that your child gets by playing. It has a soft remote antenna that prevents injury and therefore is one of the safest remote-control cars for toddlers to ride in.


  • Fast and Fun
  • Removable figures
  • Safe design
  • Easy to control


  • The battery can offer only 15-20 minutes of play
GPTOYS Remote Control Car

This remote-control truck is one of the best RC cars 2017 and can acquire speed up to 26+ mph because of its powerful GP Brush 390 motor.

Your children will beat other toys in racing with its smooth driving systems. The truck is a budget option and can be bought for kids aging 8 years and is the best Remote-Control Car for Kids.

The best thing about the truck is that it is semi-waterproof. It can definitely skid on water but cannot run entirely into the water. The truck has S-Truck suspension technology offering better handling and control. It is equipped with a 1/12 Scale 2.4Ghz 2WD, which permits it to drive on dirt, rock, sand, or even mud.

Its tyres are inserted with foam because of which traverses on all terrains, giving a realistic gaming experience. The four wheels have bouncing spring materials so as to make them resistant to shockproof. This enables easy hopping and jumping off from unstable surfaces. Your child can control this car up to 100 meters.

The battery takes approximately 120 minutes for charging and it can be used up to 10 minutes on average per full charge. The RC truck is available with lifetime support and a 30 days free return.


  • Semi-Waterproof
  • Runs on all terrains
  • Incredible speed
  • Shockproof resistant


  • Semi-waterproof
  • Short battery life
ECX Ruckus

The ECX Ruckus 1/18 4WD Monster Truck is all in all a fun remote-control truck that offers great speed up to 21 mph.

It is available at an exceptional price which does not mean a diminishing quality of its features or components. This is the best remote-control car under $100. It has a big size which facilitates it to encounter obstacles on its way.

The controls of the truck are easy and do not have a big lag time between pressing the remote and seeing the car do it. It has independent suspension and four-wheel drive to go on surfaces other than the road. The ECX Ruckus comes with the standard 2.4GHz pistol-grip transmitter.

The main function of the transmitter is to offer proportional control. The transmitter also enables customization for driving according to your handling. It has got an independent suspension; a strong built, and also has waterproof components and therefore the best remote-control car for 10-year-old UK.

However, it does not have long battery life and may run only for 10 minutes. You will get great speed, performance, and reparability of the truck at an affordable price.


  • Fast and has great speed
  • Waterproof
  • Independent suspension


  • Short battery life

Wrap Up

So, if you were looking for some of the best remote-control cars for 10-year-old UK, you should have found your choice. A remote-control car is a lovely toy for kids. Given that it is for kids, look for a durable, waterproof vehicle, with long battery life.

Kids are very susceptible to injuries during play. Make sure that the material of the toy is not harmful to the kids and affords them an opportunity to have fruitful playing time with the Best Remote Control Car for Kids.