Best Instant Cameras for Kids 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

You could think of an Instant electronic camera (likewise known as a Polaroid Camera) as an old fashioned tool from the 70s, however after years of being left, Photograph/ Instant video cameras are back. More and more immediate cams have been launched to the marketplace in the past couple of years, by various producers (not only Polaroid themselves, but also FujiFilm, for example), as well as making use of these cams is coming to be preferred again.

Even though the Polaroid Snap and Fuji Instax electronic cameras both generate instantaneous pictures, they both do it entirely differently. The Instax cameras make use of film (similar to the initial Polaroids, just smaller sized) whereas Polaroid Snap is a digital camera equipped with a built in printer.

ProductAccessoriesKey FeatureMeasurementRatingPrice
Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8Five different exposure degrees10.1 x 8.5 x 6.94.7Check Price
Polaroid SnapZinc Zero Ink Printing Technology4.7 x 1 x 33.6Check Price
Polaroid PIC-300Auto exposure4.8 x 2.5 x 5 4.3Check Price
Fujifilm Instax MINI 7sAuto flash function5.8 x 5.2 x 34.5Check Price
Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 + Rainbow Film BundleTwo shutter buttons5.5 x 4.2 x 5.84.5Check Price

Finest Kids Polaroid Cameras 2017

As discussed above, polaroid cameras are back, with a few excellent reasons for this. Over all, no electronic camera could offer the complete satisfaction of holding a photo in your hand that could be shared as well as appreciated right after it is taken. Polaroid cameras are additionally preferred at wedding celebrations and also various other celebrations where guests are asked to act as digital photographers.

For youngsters, you want to pick a version that does not have a lot of buttons and controls, because many youngsters simply intend to hold the camera, direct it at a target and finally just click. Kids are not as well watchful concerning the exposure, red eye, or image quality but prefer a camera that fires pictures, with the press of a button, and the image pops out.

Something you need to remember is that you won't be obtaining excellent quality pictures from your little instant film video camera. These electronic cameras are implied to be affordable, easy to use, as well as will certainly catch a moment instantaneously on film to ensure that you could store the photo in your journal, or stick it on your refrigerator.

5 Best Instant Cameras for Kids

1. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera (Blue)

The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 is a standard, easy to use, focus and shoot camera that takes instantaneous images as well as develops them like the great and old Polaroid cams.

It has the basic features youngsters require in order to discover and also delight in photography, and above all-- it produces a clear photo in less than a min, so your youngster as well as you can enjoy it quite quickly.

  • Layout: The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 appears like a mix of a toy as well as a vintage camera. It is made by plastic and also relatively light weight (around 300 gm). Its style is rounded, colorful and spirited, and also that it's a standard, instant analogue camera, adds the classic feeling to it. The newer design is slimmer and lighter.
  • Attributes: The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 is very easy to use. All your child needs to do is point and shoot.
  • Focus: The camera has no autofocus. The shooting range is 3 to 9 feet (0.6 m to 2.7 m), so you need to rise close.
  • Exposure: There are five different exposure degrees to select from, using the illumination adjustment dial, which lies on the lens at the front; Inside your home, Evening (F12.7), Gloomy (F16), Slightly cloudy (F22), Sunny (F32). Furthermore, there's a Hi-Key mode to shoot images with extreme levels of brightness and a softer ambience.
  • Flash: The flash has a reuse time of 0.2-6 secs. Furthermore, the flash always fires, so take it into account when firing indoors.
  • Shutter: The electronic camera has a set shutter speed of 1/60 seconds. As a result, setting the best direct exposure is important.
  • Film: The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 uses FujiFilm Instax film that comes in packs of 10 as well as measures 62 x 46mm. Loading is very simple and intuitive.
  • Safety: The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 is risk-free for youngsters. Camera is light and can be carried conveniently. It also has hand grasps for picture taking.​

2. Polaroid Snap Instant with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White)

The Polaroid Snap lets you and your kid take pleasure in the benefits of both the digital and film camera: it has the quality of a digital camera with the capability to print the image right away (it's a camera as well as a printer), review it with your kid, analyze it and later on stick it on almost any type of surface area (note-- photo paper is needed in order to publish photos).

In addition, it's small as well as has a very awesome layout, so older kids will appreciate it much more compared to younger ones.

Polaroid snap is the brand's latest enhancement to its broadening immediate digital camera line, delivering trademark Polaroid instantaneous simpleness and also spontaneity in a pocket-sized type element and also at a budget friendly price point.

In addition to its portable impact and traditional Polaroid split second camera experience, it incorporates digital imaging with Zero Ink printing. In brief Polaroid snap is worth getting for your kids.​

3. Polaroid PIC-300

Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera (Blue)

Polaroid is understood to be the creator of the incredibly preferred instant film camera, and they are back with a new line of instant film cameras that load some actually great attributes. For starters, the automatic low light flash as well as auto exposure change makes it actually very easy for even the most unskilled professional photographer to catch excellent looking shots at evening time. This makes it a terrific selection for wedding functions, and also evening birthday celebration events.

The image itself measures 1.8 ″ x 2.4 ″ while the dimension of the picture paper is 2.1 ″ x 3.4 ″. Exactly what makes this camera very kid-friendly is the use of unique ZINK photo paper that uses zero ink and assists the pictures develop faster as they come out of the camera.

4. Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s

Most definitely a cost-effective choice, yet it is never substandard in regards to quality or functionality.

Since a kid does not really use the zoom or emphasis to its optimal potential, it is a wonderful alternative for kids that desire an easy and portable split second film camera.

One of the best features of this camera is the auto flash function that automatically releases the flash while capturing images in dim light.

It has a 60mm lens as well as the shutter rate is decent 1/60 seconds, so there isn't a lot of shutter lag significance that your child could use this camera to record pictures of animals playing, or any type of fast moving object such as an auto or a bird.

With dimensions of 3 ″ x 5.25 ″ x 5.75 ″, this video camera is a bit on the larger side and for that reason, far better taken care of by 8+ year old kids. It is incredibly light nevertheless, at simply over 11 oz.

It is extremely basic to run with integrated lens camera as well as functions straightforward hand-operated exposure settlement. This particular camera is one of the most liked ones by parents as it provides high worth for cash.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 + Rainbow Film Bundle - Pink/White

The straightforward procedure showcasing a top quality FUJINON lens gives great 2" x3" split second photos in as little as 90 seconds.

A close-up lens permits you to catch excellent detail in your images as well as a selfie mirror installed on the lens supplies ideal mounting for selfies of you and your close friends!

  • Adjustable print color illumination: The Lighten-Darken Control adjusts the intensity of colors making the print surface brighter or darker.
  • Two shutter buttons allow vertical as well as horizontal shooting as you wish.
  • Fill-in Flash Mode (Intelligent Flash for Brighter Backgrounds).
  • Camera finds the illumination of the background to control the shutter rate. Backgrounds can be caught clearly even in dark spaces.
  • Self-snap mirror useful for self-shots.
  • The selfie mirror mounted on the lens gives excellent framing for selfies of you and your close friends!​

Why You Need Instant Camera for Kids?

When it comes to children cameras as well as children photography, instant cameras are incredibly popular, especially if you're considering purchasing your child their first camera.

The major benefit of an immediate cam for youngsters is the ability of your kid (and you) to quickly evaluate the outcome of their art, review it, give comments and also share some fruits for future enhancement.

Furthermore, many children polaroid cams are eye-catching for kids, either by the camera's color/ skin, or by its general layout.

  • Immediate Gratification: One major advantage of instant cameras is the instant gratification they offer the photographer. Just click and wait on the print to flash the side, where it will magically establish within just a couple of mins.
  • Great for Celebrations: Utilizing a split second film camera at parties is a terrific method to capture enjoyable, genuine shots, as well as send out the designs home with a souvenir. Children always keep them with themselves in the parties.
  • Good for Practice Shots: Instant film cameras are good for practice shots. Children, who are having fun with instantaneous cams could discover this art at very young age.
  • Enjoyable Crafts: Thanks to their amazing look as well as design, instant film photos could make a terrific enhancement to many different craft projects. Make use of an instant camera to generate take-home picture crafts at a kid's birthday party or label kitchen cabinets in an amazing, enjoyable method.

What To Look For ?

Before giving you the details of each of the instant cameras we recommend for children, let's advise ourselves exactly what are the major factors to consider when acquiring a youngster's camera:

1. Camera Dimension - Make sure whether your kid can hold it safely?

2. Durability - Is it durable enough to bear rough usage bu your kids?

3. Usability - Does your kid find the video camera easy to use?

4. Functionality - Can your child locate all the functions they need in order to appreciate it?

5. Shape & Color - Does the camera's layout make your kid enjoy having it as well as revealing it to their close friends?

6. Image Quality - Are the pictures be good enough to delight in, share and motivate your kid to improve their photography abilities?

7. Value for Money - Last but not the least, Does it offer any value for money?