Best Inflatable Bumper Balls for Kids – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

BUBBLE BALL is also called body zorbing, soccer bubble, inflatable bumper ball, body bumper ball etc. Bubble football happens to be seen on BBC Sport and on ITV , Even bubble ball has become part of the school sports arena in certain schools. Inflatable bumper ball will likely be more and more popular worldwide in the future.

The balls themselves are like giant inflatable bubbles that can be worn comfortably by fixing the harness that is cushioned. The balls allow you to roll, collide and flip over without any risk of harm.

Inflatable bumper ball can be used by small children as well. The Bumper Balls have a cushioned harness on the interior of the ball that's easily adjusted to get the perfect fit, no matter what your size is.

Bumper Ball is about acquiring several mates or colleagues together for an incredibly enjoyable day out.

It involves strapping yourself much like a Zorb ball that is wearable, providing you the freedom to bounce, roll over, and bump into other participants.

Bumper Ball works for a broad range of age groups and fitness levels, as well as the padded harness on the interior of the ball causes it to be accessible and safe for everyone!

ProductAccessoriesKey FeatureMeasurementRatingPrice
Happybuy Inflatable Bumper BallFun for everyoneDiameter: 1.5m4.8Check Price
Bubble U24(TM)Made up of non-toxic, 1 MM PLATO PVC materialDiameter: 1.5m4.2Check Price
Chende Bubble Soccer100% polato PVC materialDiameter: 1.5m3.8Check Price
WHAM-BAMClear/Transparent material keeps you coolDiameter: 1.5m4.1Check Price
AncheerFit for Every PlaceDiameter: 1.5m4.8Check Price

Why Get It​ ?

  • Health benefits: Inflatable bumper ball may be termed as a type of exercise since it helps in body work outs which are essential for health. This unique form of game involves moves that require effort, a motion that is best for the function of the lungs and also one's heart. These movements are also critical for burning off excess fat within the body as well as in toning the muscles. Also, this game includes walking, sprinting and running motions which are crucial in formation of strong bones in addition to enhance flexibility.
  • Great for personal growth: In improving one's ability to coordinate, the engagement of the bubble balls which are employed as the costumes for the game helps. It demands thinking that is necessary for one to be able to shoot at the ball in this category of costume, hence, players must find out just how to think while running. This game also requires determination, endurance and discipline and anyone involved in this game acquires these specific abilities.
  • Boosts strong relationships: It is a form of recreation sport that gives one an opportunity to meet folks and new friends. Such interactions build self esteem and helps in boosting confidence. A lot of enjoyment is also involved with the game and this is great for camaraderie.
  • Ease of Learning: This kind of football demands few equipment which makes it simple to play and learn. Additionally it may be played in dwelling compounds by men, women and children, therefore it is suitable for the entire family. If one is seeking a type of game to get involved in, bubble football helps in personal growth and simple to learn and play. Furthermore, it truly is a way of exercise which is a major health benefit.

1. Happybuy Inflatable Bumper Ball

Happybuy Inflatable Bumper Ball

The Inflatable Bubble Ball Is Suitable For family gatherings, picnic, birthday parties, barbecue, on the beach, in the park, or in own backyard.

  • Fun for everyone: Happybuy inflatable bumper ball is suitable for most age groups. This makes parents to enjoy and spend time with their kids.
  • High Quality Material: Inflatable bumper ball material is plastic, relatively strong and durable, can be completely cleaned and reused.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: The Bubble Ball is perfect for indoor or outdoor events. Suitable for the scene like family get together, birthday bash, social sports gathering, bachelor party etc. A perfect gift for a kid to have the best time with their friends in their backyard.
  • Safe & Sturdy: Its very safe & sturdy and can fit kids and teens as well quite easily.
  • Dimensions: 1.5m; Size: 59"X54".

2. Bubble U24(TM) Inflatable Bumper Ball

BubbleU24(TM) Inflatable Bumper Ball

BubbleU24 is real fun with family and friends. Just Put it on, rush like a bull and DON'T WORRY about HURTING YOURSELF. Kids really enjoy playing with inflatable bumper balls as they can be fully carefree without hurting themselves.

  • Non toxic material: One thing that every parent ensures is the safety of their kids from any hazardous material. It is made up of non-toxic, 1 MM PLATO PVC material. Diameter: 5ft (1.5M).
  • Durability: BubbleU24 is highly durable as it is fabricated from a thick material which is completely washable and reusable. Each ball is tested many times to ensure high quality standards.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: The Bubble Ball is perfect for indoor or outdoor events. Suitable for the scene like family get together, birthday bash, end of season party, social sports gathering, bachelor party.
  • Versatility: Kids, teens, adults, everyone can enjoy this great product. It is suitable for ages 6 and above.
  • Dimensions: Diameter(Width): 1.5M; Height:1.2M and weighs 12 kg.

3. Chende Bubble Soccer Inflatable Ball Bumper

Chende Bubble Soccer Inflatable Ball Bumper

Great activity that requires neither electricity nor any additional accessories. You don’t even require any companion to play with thee amazing balls, though it's more fun with friends. Below you can find its features:

  • Quality Material: 100% polato PVC the best available harmless PVC which is non toxic, tasteless and colorless in nature.
  • Suitable for kids age 6+
  • Dimensions: 1.2m/1.5m/1.7m. Fit to player's height: 1.20m-2.20m tall.
  • Colors: Generally available in two colors: Transparent ( Clear ), Blue and Red.
  • Accessories Included: Package includes Bubble ball, Free storage bag, and repair kit.

4. WHAM-BAM Inflatable Bumper Ball

WHAM-BAM Inflatable Bumper Ball

These giant wearable inflatable balls are sure to get your kids off the couch and put down the TV remote and their electronic devices. This is the power and charisma of Wham-Bam inflatable ball.

  • Durability: Thicker and extremely durable. 1.0 mm PVC provide extended durability to Wham-Bam balls.
  • Large Size: 5 Feet in Diameter (1.5M) which is good enough for people of all ages.
  • Portable: Wham-Bam can easily be deflated and transported in the Wham Bam Carry Bag included.
  • Cooler: This is real cool feature. Clear/Transparent material keeps you cooler in direct sunlight and is easier to see through when playing sports.
  • Quick Inflation: 2-5 minute inflation time depending on air pump used. One can buy Wham-Bam Electric Pump Separately.
  • Complete Package: It comes in a package with adjustable shoulder straps and repair kit ensuring comfort and fun at the same time.

5. Ancheer Inflatable Bumper Bubble Balls

No matter what type of event you’re planning – from a backyard birthday to a stadium-packed sporting event – the Bumper Ball will bring you an unforgettable day. You just need to strap yourself into a giant inflatable ball and enjoy the best time you can have.

  • Quality Material: 0.8MM TPU, non -toxic, colorless and tasteless material.
  • Safe and Secure: 2 handles and 2 shoulder straps make it safe.
  • Easy Inflation: It is easy to inflate or deflate the bumper ball with electric air pump in about 30 seconds. Pump is not included in the package.
  • Suitable For: 25.6 inch, Suitable Weight: 110~200lbs, Suitable Height: 1.5~1.9m
  • Fit for Every Place: It is widely used in backyard, playing center, amusement park or anywhere provided the surface is free from any sharp objects.

What to Look For ​?

  • Safety: Safety is always the first priority especially when it is concerned with kids. With any physical activity there is a risk of injury. So make sure the machine is completely safe for your loved ones.With inflatable bumper balls (which include a padded harness) kids can roll, flip, bounce and bump into others in a safe way without hurting themselves.
  • Material: When kids are supposed to interact with toys or anything, hygiene and safety come at the top of the priority list. Make sure it non -toxic, high quality PVC and safe in every possible way.
  • Quality: Quality has to be good like high quality D type Hander, high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding flexibility.
  • Health benefits: So all in all it’s fun with lots of health benefits.
  • Great for personal growth: It really helps in shaping up and enhancing the overall personality at very young age.


It’s very interesting with lots of fun involved. Totbliss personally recommends this product.