10 Best Electric Guitars for Kids 2019: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Young girl playing electric guitar

Kids are more enthusiastic, fun-loving and hobby-developing than adults. They learn what they see and sometimes even wish to do the same things they see other people do. When it comes to musical instruments, there is an increasing inclination of kids, nowadays, towards learning guitar.

And, kids find electric guitars more attractive and rocking than normal guitars. Parents also these days do not give a second thought on letting their kids follow their interests and develop interesting hobbies. Opportunity to learn music is one of them.

However, when thinking of buying an electric guitar for their kid, one has to do a bit of research and choose sensibly amongst the many available choices. Knowing the fact that they are a bit expensive and not a thing which one could afford to buy every other day (especially if the previous product bought didn’t meet the expectations); one has to be very choosy when buying it.

So, to make things easy for you, here is a list of the 10 Best Electric Guitars for Kids which could help you choose according to your interest and priority:




Body Size

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Squier by Fender “Mini” Strat


8.5 lbs


Ibanez MiKro


8.7 lbs


Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion


9 lbs


Fender MA-1


4.4 lbs


Luna Aurora Borealis Rockmaster


4 lbs


Hohner HAG250P


3.6 lbs


Martin LX1 Little Martin


8.85 lbs


Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC12


11.4 lbs


Raptor’s Kids


7 lbs


Junior Kids BluePrecision


2.4 lbs


1. Squier by Fender “Mini” Strat

Squier by Fender “Mini” Strat Electric Guitar

The Stratocaster Squier Mini electric guitar from Squier by Fender is a skillful starter electric guitar. It is a smaller version of Bullet Strat by the same brand. It is versatile, reliable and can carry almost any style from pop to heavy metal music.

It is customized for small kids and has 3/4 size hardwood laminated body which is available in different solid finishes partially covered by a 1-ply scratch plate. If your child likes to travel and take his playthings along with him on his vacations, then Squier mini strat mods by Fender Mini Strat is the best.

Though small in size, and available at a much cheaper rate than its bigger version, it is an iconic instrument with more than 60 years of legitimacy. Its scale length is 34-inches and contains 20 frets, it is perfect for small hands.

The guitar has master volume and tone controls, three single-coil Stratocaster pickups, a hard-tail bridge, and a rosewood fretboard. It has many similar attributes as its bigger version, the Fender Stratocaster (one of the finest guitars in the history of instruments). It is available in black color.

Special features:

  • Sleek design: It has a shorter 22.75 string scale, small neck profile and a downsized 1/4 size electric guitar body, which make it perfect for kids.
  • Light weight: It is easy to carry and saves a lot of space because of its small size. Hence, this Squier mini strat electric guitar can be a great travel companion.
  • Good handling: It chords with comfort and bends strings with ease from this C shaped satin finished neck, 20 medium jumbo frets, and modern 9.5 fingerboard radius.
  • Great sound: It can deliver various bright tones from rich bass to cutting treble sounds from the three single coils pickups, one tone control, master volume, and the 5-way blade selector switch which control the SSS configuration pick-ups.
  • Multiple play options: It has the maximum playability with various string gauges via the adjustable truss rod and the chrome fully adjustable fixed to body hardtail bridge.
Ibanez MiKro Electric Guitar

The Ibanez Mikro also comes with 3/4 scale dimensions like the previous one. This mini shred electric guitar is perfect for kids. It is easy to carry owing to its smaller neck and body. It should not be confused with other Ibanez Mikro small guitars, such as Ibanez GRGM21 MiKro.

This electric guitar strikingly resembles Ibanez RG Genesis (the bigger version) due to its body cut, neck shape and the number of colors finish it is offered. It also features the same construction, high quality and careful set-up of the Ibanez mini strat vs full-size GRX and GRG models.

Mikros 22-inch scale length (standard guitars feature a neck scale from 24.75 to 25.5) which makes it the right choice for young beginners. It is available at Amazon for $149.99.

Special features:

  • Hardcore sound bass: The guitar is equipped with two Infinity passive ceramic humbucking pick-ups with simple controls to dial-in tones, a master volume, master tone, and a 3-way pick-up position switch blade.
  • Durable and sleek design: It is more popular because of its short scale (22.2) GRGM body, maple neck, fingerboard with 24 medium frets and dot inlays, infinite humbuckers and chrome hardware.
Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion (Junior Kids Mini) Electric Guitar

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion is a cool, cute but powerful electric guitar. It boasts a super-cool palette of eye-catching finishes. It comes in various color options such as neon orange, bright blue, Ferrari red and gloss black.

Its scale length is 22.5 inches and has a Jackson’s classic modified Super Strat body shape. It is 2/3rd the size of a regular guitar, proving small and comfortable enough for any kid, and comes with ease of playing in any position – whether sitting or standing.

It has a slim and narrow maple neck which also easy for small kids to handle it. Its neck is contoured with rosewood fretboard and 24 jumbo frets, with Jackson’s premium pearloid sharkfin inlays. It is available at Amazon for $149.99.

Special features:

  • Great sound quality: Its best features are its amazing sound quality, though it obviously depends on the amps you play it through, the clean tones are warm and clear. It is chunky and relatively full in tone when played with distortion. 
  • Amazing hardware: Its three-way selector switch, a single master volume and master tone control make it a great hardware pick. This guitar is for kids who are more interested in rock, metal, great sound, playability, and comfort; all-in-one. 
Fender MA-1 Electric Guitar

Fender is one of the leaders in the new brands of guitar instruments. This MA-1 guitar is a lot closer to the higher end Fender and Gibson made MA-1 model. The MA-1 body style of the guitar is crafted using mahogany with a maple top in two color sunburst or ebony finish.

Its neck is bolted on using plate and screws with 22 medium size frets rosewood fingerboard. It supplies the sound via two humbucking pick-ups. 650R for the neck and 700T Humbucker at the bridge position controlled by a 3-way toggle switch, separate volume and tone knob for each pick-up.

All metal hardware includes the classic tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar and premium die-cast machine heads. Its cable is ten feet long. It is available at Amazon for a price of $299.99.

Special features:

  • Sound quality: The guitar comes with good quality covered machine heads and amazing sound quality. Both the voice pickups of MA-1 are humbuckers, hence they keep the unwanted noise at bay while providing a clear sound, with good aggression when the overdrive is cranked up. 
  • Add-on sound enhancing hardware: It is further enhanced by piphone Electar Amplifier, which packs a 6” speaker and 10-watts of power into a small package.
Luna Aurora Borealis Rockmaster Electric Guitar

This Rockmaster electric guitar from Peavey is more promising than it just looks. It sports a reduced 3/4 body size with a 22.5” scale length, so it’s very comfortable for youngsters and those with smaller hands such as kids.

The guitar is generally made up of standard materials only viz., solid basswood and maple neck. It also features a rosewood fretboard, with 21 frets, which are easily accessible due to the double-cutaway body shape.

Its sound is clear and offers a more than acceptable tone when played cleanly and with distortion. It is reasonably priced and is an overall good choice as compared to other guitars of the same budget.

Special features:

  • Nice hardware and sound: It comes with a push/pull coil-splitting function on the tone control knob which makes it easy to experiment with a single-coil sound too. Also, it is employed with multi-functional tone control. 
  • Decent volume control: It has a master volume control knob, a set of diecast chrome tuners on the headstock and a fixed bridge which makes it easy to manage its sound.
Hohner HAG250P

The Hohner HAG250P is always in every top list of choices and always going to be the recommended electric guitar for a budding player on a minimum budget. It has the evergreen and classic look of Hohner’s bigger version electric guitar model, but still slightly smaller in true comparison to a Mexican and American made strat.

It has an ergonomically contoured double cutaway alder body with a polyurethane finish in sunburst and solid finishes protected by a 1-ply pickguard. Its neck is C-shaped and all maples with 21 medium jumbo frets are marked by inlay dots.

Its pick-up configuration is three standard single coils controlled by master volume, tone 1 for neck pick-up and tone 2 for middle pick-up. It is complemented with the 6-saddle vintage-style Tremolo Bridge and die-cast tuning machines used in the making of the strings.

Special features:

  • Multiple switching: It proves to be a versatile guitar for all kinds of music thanks to the trio of pickups and the five-way switching system. Its sound is crisp and clear and can play sound with distortions making it suitable for playing rock and music. This guitar accommodates more aggressive tones while giving guitarists good playability and timeless style. 
  • Nice hardware: All hardware is chrome with solid alder body, including die-cast tuners, and a synchronous tremolo bridge. The one volume and 2 tone controls, single-ply white pickguard, Classic '70s "big" headstock and Vintage 6-screw rocking trem are some of the other add-on features.
Martin LX1 Little Martin Electric Guitar

The Martin LX1 Little Mratin (also known as the LX1) is the most child-friendly electric guitar offered by Dean entry-level Evo series. It is very similar to the full-size Evo XM, with a soft and curvy MA-1-esque single-cutaway body shape.

However, the mini may be a 3/4 scale version, with a petite 18.75” scale length which is easier for children. The body is formed from solid basswood and finished during a threatening shiny black, with a bolt-on neck.

Its neck is made from maple and features a comfortable C shape, a rosewood fretboard, and twenty-two medium giant frets. It is quite simple in design and works well as a starter guitar, offering good playability and a sturdy feeling, even in this budget price range.

Special features:

  • Good sound control: This model comes with two DMT-designed humbuckers at the neck and bridge positions. It is controlled by 2 easy chrome dome knobs – one for master volume and a master tone control – yet as a multilateral toggle to modify between the pickups. The headstock bears the familiar. It also has classic tune-o-matic bridge and a set of good quality light D’Addario EXL120 strings
Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC12 Electric Guitar

Yamaha makers established a landmark with the launch of Pacifica series PAC12 as one of the most affordable and sought-after electric guitars. It is very well-designed and features the familiar Strat-style double-cutaway body, albeit with a more curvaceous and slightly edgier feel.

Its body is covered in a high-gloss finish in a range of three cool paintjobs including black, metallic blue and a vintage-inspired old violin sunburst, with all of them having a plastic pickguard. Its scale length is 25.5 inches including its neck.

This is fabricated from maple and is lidded with a 22-fret sonokeling fretboard. The playability is very good for a budget guitar, with the satin-finished neck feeling just right, while the fit and finish are both commendable and admiring.

Special features:

  • Sleek size: It is a fun guitar to be played by kids, because the guitar is just on the right size, with enough volume that they will and listeners can well appropriate.
  • Good sound tuners: The overall tone is very applaudable. It also comes with decent sealed chrome tuners that keep the guitar in tune. Also, a vintage-style tremolo bridge (with accompanying whammy bar) offers onboard vibrato at the flick of a wrist!
Raptor’s Kids Electric Guitar

The Raptor’s Kids is the entry level guitar of the LTD brand of ESP is offering for itself as a great option for young kids. It is an excellent sounding affordable guitar best fitting players who dwell around and plays a lot of speed metal, thrash, and rock.

It is a straight forward electric guitar, to begin with, which is comfortable and light to carry. It makes it perfect for children who want to play in long hours of practice. It has a lightweight comfortable body in black made from basswood and has a bolt-on U-shape maple neck with a thin profile which is hand-friendly.

It has 24 extra jumbo frets engineered hardwood fingerboard completed with inlay dots. It has an adjustable scale rosewood fretboard which is 25.5 inches in length. Also, it features an adjustable Tune-O-Matic-style bridge (accompanied by a string-thru-body) which promotes additional resonance.

Its superstrat body in dark black finish, slim neck, and tilted reverse style headstock give it a great appearance, as well.

Special features:

  • Good sound control: This shredder guitar is powered by two hum canceling ESP Designed LH-100 for the neck and bridge controlled by a master volume, single tone knob, and 3-way pick-up selector switch. It is also is equipped with a string-through body TOM bridge and LTD tuning machines in chrome die-cast. It has a solid tone and stays tuned very well, with perfect string action.
Junior Kids Blue Electric Precision Bass Guitar

It is a made by a guitar center house brand which specializes in entry-level models. It is a good little electric guitar for kids that suit the smallest of budgets, without compromising on style. It is contoured with a well-defined superstrat body with horns and deep cutaways.

It supports a strum arm contour at its top which makes it very comfortable to play. It sports a standard 22.5” scale length (3/4 size), which is the most suitable for small hands of kids. Its body is made from basswood. A couple of nicely finished colors are offered, including glossy blood red, glossy black, or the sophisticated matte-finished walnut stain.

It carries a bolt-on one-piece maple neck with a comfortable shallow C shape, which features an Indian rosewood fretboard and a full 24 medium jumbo frets.

Special features:

  • Good sound features: The pickups produce an all-round decent sound. The guitar comes with a voicing system which comprises two wax-potted ceramic humbuckers at the neck and bridge position, which can be selected by a three-way switch. It also features a set of black tuning machines with a high ratio in a 3+3 configuration, which keeps tuning stable, especially when combined with the fixed tune-o-matic style bridge and string-through body.

Wrapping Up

So, by now you would have gotten a great idea about all the Best Electric Guitars for Kids available and their exclusive features and would probably be in a condition to choose one for your kid. Each electric guitar has a different essence than the other, so make sure you choose the one which best matches the personality of your child.

Since it is going to be a long-term hobby partner of your child, it would be wise to take your time and choose wisely. After that, surprise him with his first great instrument gift and let him enjoy and develop a great musical taste.