6 Best Basketball Hoop for Kids in 2018 : Top Choices Reviewed

Are your kids interested in playing Basketball? It’s quite common because Basketball is an interesting sport which is loved both by adults and the kids in the US. But the only drawback with Basketball is that the equipment is not the same for adults and kids.

So for all the parents out there, the one and only solution for the happiness of your kids is, Basketball Hoops. This is an advanced equipment which acts as a training aid for your kids.

Chances are more likely that your kid may want to become a professional Basketball player, in such a case he/she should have a proper equipment according to his/her age for all the training & practice sessions, and that's where exactly Basketball Hoops come into action.​

ProductQualityKey FeatureMeasurementRatingPrice
Step 2 Shooting Hoops Junior Basketball SetQuite durableCompact size4.4Check Price
Lifetime Youth Basketball HoopHighly durable with weather proof nylonAdjustable Hoop height4.2Check Price
Step 2 Shooting Hoops Pro Basketball SetHigh quality materialLarge backboard4.4Check Price
Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball SystemHigh quality nylonAdjustable Hoop height4.2Check Price
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball HoopShatter proof qualityGlows in the dark4.4Check Price
SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop 7' Adjustable Basketball SystemTop notch quality materialReal professional looks3.6Check Price

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Basketball Hoop ?

1. Location

So before you go and buy best basketball hoop for your kids, make sure that you have got enough place to play. You can have the real fun if you place your Basketball Hoop at a large paved surface in your flat.

Make sure that you do not place it in the corner of your street or either on the sidewalk because it is illegal to do so.

2. Portable V/s In-Ground

The basic difference between these two is that the base of a portable hoop is made up of a large plastic along with wheels to make it easy to move to different areas.

Talking about the In-Ground Hoop, this is something which consumes less space, but it needs to be permanently fixed using cement installation.​

3. Backboard Material

For all the young lads out there, the backboard is usually designed using Graphite and Polyethylene. If you are a beginner then opting for an Acrylic background is recommended.

If you are a professional player, then Polycarbonate background suits you the best because it comes with lifetime Shatter Proof Fusion.

4. Backboard Size

For all the young lads who are just learning how to shoot the ball, a 44’ backboard is sufficient.

For all the professional players out there, a 54-60’ backboard is recommended. Now lets see the best Basketball hoops which we feel are best suited to your kids.

6 Best Basketball Hoop for Kids in 2018

1. Step 2 Shooting: Best Basketball Hoop

Step 2 Shooting Hoops Junior Basketball Set

If your child is interested in Basketball, and wants to get started, then Step 2 Shooting is the best Hoop for him/her. This Basketball hoop is specifically suitable for preschoolers and toddlers.

This hoop is so compact that it can be used either in your backyard or in your playroom as well.

Hoops are the best way to make your kids more active as these hoops make them run, chase the ball and aim it into the basket. 

What makes this so special?

  • It comes along with a large backboard which is a plus point for your kid as he/she can easily shoot the basketball into the hoop.
  • The net is made up by weaving, which means it is pretty durable and will last for years.
  • The height of the rim is 42’ from the ground level, which makes it easy for your kid to reach the hoop.
  • Your kids might just need little juice for energy during the play, so the base of this hoop also has 2 built-in cup holder where kids can place their drinks.
  • You get a free 6’ basketball.
  • Assembling the whole thing is pretty easy, even your kid can do it all by himself/herself without the intervention of parents.

2. Lifetime Youth: Most Durable Hoop

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

This hoop has been specifically designed for those youths who are actually into this game since a long time, and now they want to increase their skills with regular practice.

With the help of this hoop, now you can easily practice all day long at your comfort just by sitting at your home. Though this hoop has been made especially for the indoor play, you can use this for your outdoor activities as well without worrying much about its durability.

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop has been built with a durable material and very aesthetically designed. The color of the basket is usually dark, so it won’t be a problem for you kid to find the basket in low lighting condition.

What makes this so special?

  • The 15-inch rim is foldable and is made by using an all weather proof nylon. So now you can enjoy your game and enhance your skills with weather being the least concerned factor.
  • You can easily adjust the hoop according to your height, it comes with 6 different adjustments which vary from 5.5’ to 7.5’.
  • This hoop can easily tackle all the harshest elements, thanks to the weather-resistant design.
  • The base of the hoop can be filled with 10 gallons of sand or water, this increases the stability and portability.
  • If you still worry about the durability, I have a good news for you, it carries a 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Step 2 Shooting Pro: Best Professional Hoop

You can easily figure it out by the name itself, this is a professional basketball hoop. With the help of this professional hoop, your child can easily learn how to run lay-ups, how to shoot, and even how to dunk like a professional player.

Additionally, you get a large backboard and this time a real net rim just to make your basketball experience a real one.

If you want your child to have some drinks during the play, you can simply mount it into the two drink holders which are placed right below the hoop. To make the hoop more stable, you can fill in some water or sand underneath it.

What makes this so special?

  • This hoop comes with an adjustable rim which means you don’t need to worry about whether your child will be able to use it or not. You can easily adjust the height of the rim.
  • A 6” basketball is also included along with the hoop.
  • This hoop has two different dimensions, the lower one is 66.25" x 29" x 36.75" and the upper one is 90" x 29" x 36.75".
  • All the parts of this hoop have been imported from the USA except the net and the ball, which are made in China.
  • It comes with one limitation. Unlike other hoops, kids cannot assemble this hoop all by themselves, they do need help of adults.

4. Lifetime 1221 Pro: Best Height-Adjustable Hoop

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System

If you are one among those passionate people who always love to shoot the ball around, then this portable basketball system is for you. This is probably the best way one can exercise easily with fewer efforts.

This basketball system looks like a real authentic court hoop. It doesn’t matter how tall or short player is, with the help of this lifetime basketball hoop you can easily adjust the height as per your comfort and play easily without any hindrances.

You can now easily set the height between 7.5’ and 10’ with ease. The design of this hoop is unique and innovative which makes it favorite among all age groups. 

What makes this so special?

  • You can adjust the height which is equivalent to the real NBA hoop which is between, 7.5’ and 10’.
  • Talking about the material, there is a classic rim and a net which is made up of nylon, this is the perfect combination for all the age groups and the outdoor play as well.
  • The hoop is extremely stable as it has got a base of 27 gallons which can either be filled with sand or water.
  • Adults intervention is required in assembling this one.

5. SKLZ Pro Mini

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

This is a unique sort of Basketball hoop which is very rare. This is a Glow in the dark hoop which means that you can now enjoy your game even during the nights or in the dark. Now you can enjoy your game all night long with your buddies.

Let’s say you are at a sleepover at your friend's place and damn bored, just go up to the hoop, shoot some balls, and you will feel refreshed.

The door brackets and the backing are made up of foam pad for your kid's comfort.

What makes this so special?

  • The first and the most important thing is, it glows in the dark. This looks same like all your other hoops, but its speciality of being used in the night, makes it a real special.
  • The backboard is shatter proof, and the steel rim is a breakaway, 9.5” diameter spring-action.
  • The side door brackets and the backing are made up of foam padding.
  • This one also requires adults supervision for assembling. Kids cannot assemble this hoop all by themselves, they do need the help of adults.

6. SKLZ Pro Mini (Adjustable Height)

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop 7' Adjustable Basketball

Among all the hoops available out there, SKLZ basketball system can be easily considered as the best one. It is suitable for all types of locations, such as Indoor, Outdoor, or even at the poolside.

If you just want to have some good time, or seriously want to hit some good shots, SKLZ basketball system is a must have.

This comes along with built-in wheels, which makes it easy for you to take this anywhere easily without much hassels. 

The material used is of top notch quality, the backboard is pretty clear, a shatter proof polycarbonate, and the net of the hoop is all weather resistant.

What makes this so special?

  • A simple and mini basketball system which comes along with an adjustable rim, pole, base and even the backboard as well.
  • This basketball system looks very professional, like the ones which are used at NBA.
  • The height for the courtyard play is 7” and for the poolside play is 3”.
  • The rim of the hoop comes with spring action.
  • Best for both the indoor and outdoor use.
  • The best amongst all the portable basketball systems.


Our job is to provide you with the best basketball hoop for kids which are available out there, out of all those 100’s of hoops available out there we have selected the best for you.

So now it is your turn to select the best one which suits you according to your in fact your kids needs. Do let us know in the comments section down below if you have got any queries regarding these products and we will try our best to help you out.

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