10 Best Backpacks for Toddlers and Teens in April. 2019

10 Best Backpacks for Toddlers and Teens in April. 2019

When it comes to seeing your little bundle of joy grow up to start going to pre-nursery and schooling, it really is an amazing journey. One of the things that your kid would need while attending any type of schooling or summer camp is a backpack.

You may think a backpack is not an essential thing to worry about. However, you would be mistaken since kids these days are highly selective when it comes to things they own. You should be able to provide one the best kids back-packs to their liking from this list we discuss.

Backpacks come in a variety of designs, sizes, and color. Every kid, irrespective of their age like to flaunt their style with their things and backpack is one of those things. It is an essential item and certainly matches their character. We may not realize it; however, it could be going to a new school, freshman year or even college - backpack counts.

What is the need for a Backpack?

You will certainly be surprised when you ask this question to your own children irrespective of their age. In general, a backpack of a certain cartoon character, color, and size all matters to your children. You need to be well aware of this fact since it is an essential item for any kid to store their belongings like books, pen-pencil, accessories (mostly applicable to girls, however, it could apply to boys these days as well).

Best backpacks for kids have a lot of options to choose from. The choice is not yours but your child's. We did not have the option to select the best backpacks for school, however, why deny this opportunity to your child?

So, here are the top 10 products that we have listed as the best Backpacks out there.



Age Limit

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Lands' End Backpack

18" x 14" x 2.5"

10-11 Years

Jansport Superbreak

13" x 8.3" x 16.9"

10-11 Years

Herschel Backpack


10-11 Years

Wildkin Wild Backpack

12" x 10" x 4.5"


Vaschy Backpack


3-6 Years

Columbia Backpack

5" x 16.2" x 12.3"

5-10 years

Freilach Backpack

18" x 5" x 12"


Skip Hop Zoo Backpack

11" x 5" x 12"


L.L. Bean PACK

17" x 13" x 9½"


Arcenciel Backpack

15.7"X 11.8"X 3.9"

5-10 years


An 18-inch backpack from Lands' End is an attractive selection in the best backpacks for kids 2019 section. With two compartment facility, this backpack is manufactured from denier polyester. The foam padded back panel is comfortable for carrying and doesn't pose much burden on the kids' shoulders. A top sturdy handle can be used to carry the bag in the school or pre-school facility.

An attractive look with high visibility in low light, this model in a medium range of backpacks is one of the best kids backpacks 2018. The mesh side pocket is elastic in nature to store water bottles. While the adjustable sternum assists in shoulder straps to be in a perfect position. this provides better comfort to the kids' shoulders.

The water repellent nature of denier polyester is a big advantage when it comes to cleaning or washing the backpack. This backpack is solely designed prioritizing a kid's comfort while providing ample space to store books, lunch box, water bottle, and a few other accessories.

Polyester has another use; the spot clean advantage is always useful since kids tend to get dirty easily.

Why buy this?

  • If your kid's comfort is a prime concern, go ahead and buy this medium-sized backpack
  • The customize option with monogram or embroidery gives it a personal touch
  • Adjustable sternum and shoulder straps are mainly designed to lessen the burden and increase the comfort for a child
  • Easy to clean denier polyester material
  • The bottom of the backpack is packed with 1200-denier polyester

We were not aware of this backpack trend; however, it is quite a huge thing in school these days. A JanSport kids backpack will certainly be in the best backpacks for school list solely due to its popularity. From the cutest Barbie design to the aggressive Bad Boys design, JanSport bag has it all. 

Your kid's backpack reflects their likes and character. JanSport precisely concentrates on the trending needs of the kids and improvises on their designs.

The 16.7-inch height backpack is well made for kids with additional bottom padding of 600 denier polyester. It has a wide range of colors and style to choose from. The backpack has enough room for books, laptop, sports gear, and water bottles.

Durable fabrics, straps, and zippers have been used to manufacture this Superbreak backpack. JanSport kids backpack is certainly worth spending due to its popularity and reliability.

Why buy this?

  • Multiple designs, color and style options are certainly worth spending on
  • Excellent quality materials used to manufacture this backpack
  • The 16.9-inch backpack has enough space to store books, water bottle, laptop, and even sports gear

Imagination at a young age is quite beautiful and a kid will certainly dream about many things that they see. This product from Herschel Supply Co. depicts the oceanic design with a blue color. The polypropylene material used to manufacture this product is quite sturdy and withstands all the dragging around and rough use of a backpack.

Kids at a young age will not know to handle things they own with proper care. So, Herschel has introduced this 13.1-inch backpack for those kids, so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

The exposed plastic zippers are handles for kids and are safe too. We need not worry about any zipper damage to the kids' hands as such. The two-zipper bag is useful for storing lunch box, books, and water bottles. The smaller front storage pocket can be used to store smaller items like crayons, pencils and such.

Why buy this?

  • Oceanic designs are unique and improve a child's imagination
  • Sternum straps are removable which prioritizes a child's comfort
  • Polypropylene material withstands a child's rough use

Wildkin specializes in toddler backpacks and we could certainly agree on the wild animal themed design as one of the best preschool backpacks 2018. Pottery barn kids backpacks also fall under this category. When it comes to storage space or item storage, this is one the best backpacks.

The 12-inch height backpack can store everything including a small blanket needed for a toddler or even a growing kid of 3 to 4 years. The multiple compartments is an added advantage to store more things compared to a regular backpack.

The polyester material is sturdy and can withstand the weight and the rough use of a child. The wild animal theme is certainly an eye-catcher for every child and they will certainly like it.

Why buy this?

  • Multiple compartments provide extra space to store even a small blanket and still have space left over
  • Perfect match for preschool, daycare and even trips
  • Additional water bottle pocket1-year manufacturer or supplier warranty
  • Polyester is easy to clean

Vaschy relies more on artistic display to ensure that both genders are attracted to their designs. The irregularity in the use of colors in their designs for best backpacks in kindergarten 2017 till date has been quite charming. The backpack has a main compartment, a front pocket, and two side pockets to hold water bottle and milk. 

The smooth zippers are easy to open for kids. Both genders will certainly like the artistic designs from Vaschy.

The large capacity doesn't necessarily mean hefty since the bag doesn't weight too much for a kid. Polyester is durable and water resistant, so, it is easy to clean. This backpack is recommended for kids between 2 to 4 years. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. The front pocket is quite spacious too which can hold large crayons as well.

Why buy this?

  • Artistic design provides a better environment for the child
  • Large storage yet lightweight
  • Efficient and can carry everything a toddler need
  • 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects

Northern Pass Day Pack is a 5-zipper backpack suitable for almost every outdoor trips and camping. The accessories pocket makes the bag all the more reliable from Columbia. The so-called omni-shield advance repellency protects the bag against stains and dust. Shoulder straps and back are completely padded for additional comfort.

There are 2 big compartments along with 2 accessories pockets and 2 big front pockets. This is sufficient to carry enough gear even for a trekking or hiking trip. The 16-inch padded sleeve is made from 600 deniers coated oxford and faux leather.

This is considered to be not only useful for trips but it can also prove to be one of the safe laptop bags as well and can even be used for daily use to work as such. Faux leather bottom is quite sturdy and it does have a long shelf life with proper cleaning over time.

Why buy this?

  • Storage capacity is ideas for outdoor ventures
  • Compact yet large capacity
  • Omni-shield advanced repellency protects leather material
  • Added comfort via padded back and sleeve

We are discussing the best backpack for kindergarten 2017 till date; however, we need to check out the backpack for parents. It may seem a little odd for parents, but toddlers require a lot of attention and also diapers during the first two years. Parents should be equipped with the right set of tools (diapers, wet wipes and more) to ensure their baby's hygiene.

Freilach has a suitable product which parents can buy. This Baby diaper bag is not only for storing diapers, but it also has lots of other storage options too, so, you could take longer trips with the baby and face no challenges. The durable and reliable backpack is worth every cent since all your baby needs can be stored.

The water repellant material allows for an easy to handle and clean advantage. The other perk of this product would be the 30-day satisfaction guarantee and the 120-day warranty.

Why buy this?

  • Durable and reliable
  • Multiple compartments to store even the dirty diapers
  • Water resistant and hence easy to clean

The name suggests that the product is suitable for children between 2 to 3 years.

The Skip Hop Zoo collection has all the common zoo animals and children like animals. The cute designs make it all the more worth it to see your child wear it.

One big compartment along with insulated pouches, adjustable mesh pocket for water bottles and name tag with easy to clean option. There are many animalistic designs along with respective zipper pullers.

The adjustable mesh pouch can be used for both sippy cups and water bottles. We certainly could imagine our children to be cute wearing these backpacks. Talking about the material, padded comfortable straps made from polyester and polyvinyl is easy to clean dust and stains.

Why buy this?

  • Cute designs suitable for toddlers
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy Polyester and polyvinyl material used
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Single yet big compartment

Book Pack from L.L. Bean is certainly a winner due to its consistent performance over the last 3 decades. Parents have positive reviews about this product. Let's check out the reason for such positive reviews.

Made from weatherproof nylon material, this book pack has padded shoulder straps for comfort. 

Zippers are quite sturdy and have a long shelf life. 3M Scotch lite reflective material on front and straps provide excellent visibility.

Water bottle pouch has been added in the latest designs due to consumer feedback. With that, additionally, we are looking at pretty much an ideal book pack for your elementary school kids. The 16-inch height backpack is useful until the age of 10 or 11 for your kids. It is certainly worth the money due to its reliable and prompt customer service responses.

Why buy this?

  • 3 decades of experience and constant improvements
  • Nylon material is weather and waterproof
  • Lightweight with considerable storage capacity
  • Single yet large compartment can hold more than you think
  • Durable and reliable

ArnEnCiel is certainly worth mentioning in the best kids backpack list solely due to its unique designs. This includes the robotic, emoticons, casual and cute designs for both boys and girls.

The multiple compartment backpack from ArcEnCiel can be fully equipped with accessories, water bottle, lunch box and more.

The Fabric or polyester material is weatherproof and easy to clean, it is also food safe with 2 front pockets. The two side pockets can be used to store snacks and water bottle while the two front pockets can be used to store accessories like a pencil, crayons as such.

Talking about the age group, this backpack is suitable for children between the age group of 5 to 10 years. The 15-inch height is suitable for kids in between this age and the design prioritizes comfort.

Why buy this?

  • Unique designs for kids between 5 to 10 years
  • Polyester is weather and waterproof
  • Easy to clean and food-safe material used
  • 2 front and 2 side pockets for additional storage


Looking at these products from various manufacturers, the best kids backpacks list is quite competitive. The decision to buy these will be yours until the kid is 4 or 5 years, then it is completely left to them with an added condition that the backpack is within your budget.

Backpacks are certainly a noteworthy item for a kid these days and we could certainly purchase this item at a feasible price. Make a smart and cute decision for your kid to be happy since it is the most important and beautiful time of their lives.